Guizhou: Seize new opportunities in implementing digital economy Strategy

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Entering the workshop of Phase III project of Whole Steel Of Guizhou Tyre Co.,Ltd., THE AGV smart car transfers semi-component materials in orderly and efficient operation, and the intelligent manipulator takes parts, installation, processing, unloading, transfer and other processes in one go.The province’s first “5G fully connected factory” project jointly built by Guizhou Unicom and Guizhou Tire Factory was unveiled at the second Guiyang International Industry Expo. “The whole process requires no manual intervention and can produce a tire rim in 25 seconds.”Peng Bo lang, assistant director of A district of the company’s radial tire branch, introduced that through intelligent transformation, the original 5 processes are integrated into A “bead forming” process, saving nearly one-third of manpower, saving more than 20% of inventory costs, and improving efficiency by more than 4 times.As the first 5G fully connected factory built in Guizhou Province, Guizhou Tyre Co.,Ltd. has realized the intellectualization of the whole process of design, manufacturing, sales, service and management, with the overall production efficiency increasing by more than 30% and the rate of good products increasing from 70% to around 95%.The establishment of 5G fully connected factory by Guizhou Tyre Co.,Ltd. is only an epitome of digital transformation of traditional enterprises in Guizhou.Since 2016, Guizhou has been leading the economic and social digital transformation through the implementation of the “Integration of 10,000 Enterprises” initiative. Through the “Transformation of 1,000 Enterprises” project, Guizhou has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of key industries such as equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and phosphorus chemical industry, and continuously realized the deep integration of big data and real economy.At the same time, we will continue to foster and strengthen strategic emerging industries and accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial system.By 2021, Guizhou’s digital economy growth rate ranked first in China for six consecutive years.Basic space jiangnan smart manufacturing a bird’s eye view of construction project in 2021, industrial clusters in guizhou has formed “fusion” enterprises action alone benchmarking project 102, 1064 demonstration projects, drive 2522 real economy enterprises to carry out the integration, promote 23000 homes in on the enterprise cloud with cloud, the province big data and the real economy deeply integrated index of 42.5.In 2022, guizhou will implement 300 integration demonstration projects, drive more than 600 real economy enterprises to deeply integrate with big data, and drive the integration index to 53.The digitalization of industry improves the quality and efficiency of traditional manufacturing industry, and brings real dividends to enterprises, which also brings more opportunities for digital industrialization.At the same time, in the context that data has become the fifth factor of production after land, labor, capital and technology, how to dig the value of data has become the strategic guidance of many “cloud” enterprises.”Guizhou a yard” as a focus on the wisdom of building business big data platform in guizhou, since launched in July 2020, to “gather resources, selling products and save data, to value” as the goal, integrating the resource of industry in the province, the regional market main body and provide from production to consumption of the whole industry chain services, promote digital economy and qian mountain cargo depth fusion.In 2021, the platform completed more than 5.3 million transaction orders with a turnover of 15 billion yuan.In 2022, according to the development plan of “building a big platform, building a big circulation, integrating big transactions and applying big data”, the platform will form a deeply integrated service system of big data and the real economy, and promote the effective application of data in the industrial chain.5G intelligent products on display at the second Guiyang Industrial Expo and “one code Guizhou” is just one of the vivid practices of digital economy to promote Guizhou goods.Digital industrialization supports the high-quality development of Guizhou’s economy in a wider and more mature way — from January to the end of November 2021, the revenue of software business of soft service industry in Guizhou province, which is included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, increased by 68.4% year on year, ranking first in China for four consecutive months.The revenue of soft service, Internet and related services included in the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics increased by 80.2% year on year, ranking first among all for-profit services in the province.The total amount of electronic information manufacturing, telecom business and telecom business revenue increased by 27.3%, 18.5% and 7% year-on-year respectively.In 2022, Guizhou will strive for the annual output value (income) of data center industrial cluster, intelligent terminal industrial cluster and data application industrial cluster to reach 60 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan and 50 billion yuan respectively.At the same time, centering on the above three industrial clusters of 100 billion level, with the investment of central enterprises, excellent private enterprises, digital Expo and Science and innovation City as the starting point, 20 key digital economy enterprises have been introduced and settled down, more than 200 digital economy projects with strong driving force, and over 12 billion yuan of capital has been put in place for big data integration industry.In this year’s guizhou Government work report, the digital economy will account for 36% of the regional GDP in 2022.It is also clear in the “14th Five-year Plan for Digital Economy Development of Guizhou Province” that by 2025, the total output value of big data electronic information industry will exceed 350 billion yuan, the proportion of digital economy in GDP will reach about 50%, and enterprises above the tertiary industrial scale will basically realize the full coverage of deep integration and transformation of big data.Guizhou long pass electric co., LTD. Intelligent manipulator is homework just issued by country of 2022 # 2 files (the State Council about support in a new era in guizhou through new road on the development of the western region “), is to map the new blueprint for the digital economy in guizhou, which requires guizhou “for industry transformation and upgrading and digital China construction exploration experience”.It also proposed a series of specific support measures and action guidelines for Guizhou to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system led by digital economy, and guizhou’s digital economy once again ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.In the next step, Guizhou will focus on key directions such as digital industrialization, industrial digitalization, digital new infrastructure and data value, accelerate the construction of national big data electronic information industry agglomeration area, and accelerate the construction of national data fusion innovation demonstration highland, data computing power service highland and data governance highland.Big data development from “0” to “1” and then to “N”, the construction of “China digital Valley” has taken solid steps.Reporter: Zhang Ya