Folktale: The whole family was slaughtered, leaving only the frightened concubine. Who was the murderer?

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One morning, the day just mengmeng bright, only listen to the general house door “creak” a sound, a woman covered with blood smile crooked walk out.Early in the morning, the peddlers were startled. When the woman covered in blood approached, some recognized people exclaimed, “Isn’t this the concubine of the general’s family?”!People rushed forward to ask the concubine what had happened, but the concubine just giggled and answered nothing.Someone hurried to report, while the government sent troops to the general house.The officer and the soldiers opened the door of the general’s house and saw a bloody dead dog lying on the ground.We continue to walk inside, found that all the people in the house have been brutally killed, some were even cut off their heads.It appears from the scene that the men were killed in their sleep.The general?Why was the general not found?So, we found the general room, found that the general had died in his house, strange things, why the general wearing armor?The armor was covered with blood, as if it had been a fierce battle.No bodies were found at the scene, no property missing from the house, everything was so strange.Vendetta?Love murder?No clue.The only survivor, the general’s concubine, had gone mad and could not get any clues.So, this case became an unsolved case, no one knows what happened in the end that night in the general mansion.Now all that remains is gossip.It was said that a thief went to the general’s house in the middle of the night to steal things. Just outside the general’s house, he pierced the window and looked inside and found that the general was wearing armor.The thief wondered what the general was doing in his armor at night.So he sneaked behind the general.He would open the door of each house and kill the sleeping family members or servants. He would not return to his room until he had killed the guard dog in the courtyard.Back in the room, the general was about to kill his concubine with a knife, when the concubine suddenly woke up. Looking at the general covered with blood, she screamed and fainted on the bed.At this time, the general was woken up by his concubine’s screams. He found himself covered with blood and holding a knife. Vaguely remembering what had just happened, he rushed out to check the house by house, but his whole family had been killed by him.The general returned to his room, sad and self-reproached.Suddenly picked up a treasure knife, wipe neck suicide, blood spray coma concubine a body.No one knew whether the man was telling the truth, and no one knew whether the thief would lie even if he was found to prove it. It seemed that only the dead general knew best what had happened that night.Postscript: if it is the general midnight murder, it seems that can only be explained by sleepwalking.I remember there is a disease called after-effects of war, is it because the general has been fighting for years, leaving the stimulation and trauma of war in his heart, that night he activated the consciousness of war in his sleep, and killed all the people in the house in his sleep?If it is really a tragedy brought by war, then may there be no war and everyone live and work in peace!This story is pure fiction.The pictures in this article are from the copyright owner, and any website, newspaper, TV station, company, organization and individual shall not be used in part or in whole without the permission of the copyright owner.