Family difficulty, prepare to enter oneself for an examination free normal unripe, do not want tuition really?Is it easy to find jobs?

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Recently back home for the Spring Festival, a neighbor’s child asked me: free normal students can test?Good employment?What do you need to pay attention to?The kids in the neighborhood are want to enter oneself for an examination free normal, mainly is think family is more difficult, heard that don’t have to pay tuition fees, accommodation and so on, the free normal, there is still a living allowance, and if I am a little bit hard, do a little work-study programs, basically four years can make family don’t have to pay any fees.So, what about free normal students?Let’s go and have a look.Free normal is not so easy to take an examination as we know, no free normal for the nation, only to enroll at six directly under the Ministry of Education of normal university, Beijing normal university, east China normal university, northeast normal university, huazhong normal university, shaanxi normal university, southwest university, don’t say that several universities in normal colleges and universities, even in the national university,It is famous to have surname platoon get on number, it is 985, 211 one of, recruit the result that record is higher in each province commonly, want to take an examination of on not so easy, need has taller mark, need student is quite outstanding.Free normal can really free education for students free, arranged by the central government is responsible for them during the period of school tuition fees, accommodation and living subsidies, subsidies for about a month to 600 yuan, if during the period of school to make some work-study programs can really free to read four years of college, the burden of the family will greatly reduce,This is indeed a very good policy for the families of excellent poor students.Employment there is no question but there are a lot of restrictions on free normal employment problems, after graduation, many schools and is a good school, will be for free normal, because free normal are generally compare good also a hard-working student, many schools in recruiting, would rather be free normal, also do not want higher graduate student degree,There are even preferential employment policies for them.Therefore, free normal university students do not exist employment problem, can be said to be not only free but also package distribution.However, the employment of free normal university students is limited within the education system, and they cannot get employment outside the education system after graduation.Say you can’t go to other institutions enrollment and the civil servant recruitment, nor to the relevant enterprises to work, you can only work in the education system, if you can find a good school, that is, of course, you can go to a good school, if you can’t find, may be allocated by the agreement, of course, no matter how,After free normal student graduates obtain employment is to make up have guard.Moreover, it is not impossible for a free normal university student to move from school to school in one place, or even to work in an educational management position.It is a breach of contract if you do not enter the education industry after graduation.Because after taking an exam, before going to school is to be able to sign a tripartite agreement with the education department in charge, do not perform the agreement, may be about to pay the penalty for breach of contract, in addition to the relevant preferential policies enjoyed before will be cleared, but also into their own integrity files, the impact is still relatively large.At the same time, ready to register for free normal students students should also pay attention to, once you fill in the voluntary fill in the free normal students, and achieve admission score line, that your college entrance examination files will not be filed to other batches of schools, this is particularly important to pay attention to.About free normal university students, do you understand?Please leave comments and discuss.