Early deadline universities across Germany send out a reminder: Do you have your application materials ready?

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After yesterday’s Lantern Festival, are you still feeling a little bit hungry?But by and by the university began to close the holiday, and the small robot has seen the application group of students in the struggle to get TUM application VPD materials.Master’s degree applications for winter semester at RWTH Aachen University in 2022/23 are due in 12 days.The winter semester restricted professional master’s applications are due on July 15th. Have you prepared the application materials?For example: 1APS certificate 2 language certificate 3GRE score 4 German proficiency score if you are not ready, don’t worry, learn German to give you a summary of your chances of catching the “dead line”.01 Can I apply for an APS certificate if NO APS certificate is available?I believe that there are many students who have neither APS certificates nor language scores at present. There are also many students who are waiting for the APS audit queue, and they are not sure when they will be in the queue.Fortunately, there is no need to submit the APS certificate on March 1st to apply for AACHen university. You only need to submit the APS certificate later.02 language is not enough, can also apply!The good news is that regardless of your current language scores, you don’t need to submit language certificates by March 1.All you need to do is submit the required language certificate at the time of registration after being accepted.At present, RWTH aACHen is more humane. In the 201/22 application season, German B2 certificate can be registered first, and German C1 certificate can be submitted within one year. So far, there is no change in the official website information.But Xuede speculates that there will be a wave of adjustments as applications for the winter semester draw to a close, and xuede will keep an eye on them.Do YOU need any other grades for your application?According to the information provided by students, the main requirement of AACHen online application stage is to provide transcripts.In fact, the admission of master of Aachen Institute of Technology extends, basically be to depend on everybody at ordinary times result and undergraduate course major match degree will judge.However, some majors require GRE scores to be submitted during the online application process as a supplementary criterion.From the statistics of academic ethics, out of all 70 master’s majors, there are 27 majors that require GRE at present.Xuede has also sorted out for you that currently GRE scores are required for master’s degree applications at RWTH aachen.Mainly the major of a few mechanical institute and computer related major.However, it is important to note that in addition to GRE scores, there are also individual majors that need to submit TestAS scores.Example: Master of Materials Engineering.Starting in winter 2022, the master of Materials Science program will also require TestAS scores and require applicants to score in the top 20%.If students have any questions about whether they need GRE or German proficiency scores for the major they want to apply for, they can check the German Proficiency test first.Don’t forget to give us feedback if you get any wrong information!Welcome to join the 2022 Application discussion Group /APS Review discussion group