Dutch Winter Olympian: If only one country can, it is China

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If only one country could host the Winter Olympics, it would be China, the 29-year-old Dutch speed skating star said on Jan 31. “We should be glad the Winter Olympics are here.”Kroll of the Netherlands competes in men’s 1500m at the IAAF Speed Skating World Championships on February 16, 2020.He finished second in the men’s 1,500m in 1 minute 41.735 seconds.Kroll, a member of speed skating’s “dream team”, is one of the favorites to win the men’s 1,000m and 1,500m at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Kroll skated 1:08.84 in the men’s 1,000-meter event at the national Speed Skating Center ice Ribbon, a training event attended by only a few competitors, on The afternoon of March 31.Kroll told reporters he had been in Beijing for four or five days and had taken part in the training session to get into a rhythm.It was not “that fast” and he believes he will be in better shape next week.Speed skaters train at the “Ice Ribbon” at the National Speed Skating Stadium in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 31, 2018.Kroll praised the organization of the Beijing Winter Olympics.He said a review of the past two years shows that China has taken the best epidemic prevention measures and the number of infected people is very low.”As I said a few weeks ago, if only one country could host the Winter Olympics, it would be China, and we should be glad they are here.All other countries are facing greater difficulties.Kroll also praised the organization for striking a fine balance between ensuring safety and giving athletes a certain amount of freedom.In Beijing, Kroll’s main events were the men’s 1,500m and 1,000m.In these two events, China’s ning Zhongyan is also one of the most competitive players.Members of the Chinese speed skating team train for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at the “Ice Ribbon” national Speed Skating Stadium in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 30, 2018.Chinese team member Ning Zhongyan takes part in a training session.Kroll said Ning Zhongyan is a very nice guy and had previously traded uniforms with him during World Cup matches.”I have a lot of respect for Ning Zhongyan, he is a great athlete, especially in the 1,500 meters and maybe in the 1,000 meters.I’m looking forward to competing against him for gold at the Winter Olympics.”Kroll also said he had a lot of respect for China’s Gao Tingyu in the 500 meters. “His first 100 meters were so fast,” he said.Kroll’s own goal is to perform at a high level in both the 1,500m and 1,000m, “hopefully gold”.Gao Tingyu of China wins the men’s 500m Group A final at the ISU Speed Skating World Cup on Nov 12, 2021. Gao clocked 34.26 seconds.The picture shows Gao Tingyu after the competition.Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Rafal) Source: Xinhua News Agency Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn