Department of Veterans Affairs Publicity Center, 2022 Recruitment launch!

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If you like, love new media publishing editor of news planning, operational management and activity planning work if you’re in the army, soldiers, especially the veterans interested in propaganda work welcome to join us here you can engage in meaningful and fun work here you will make a group of colleagues xiangyang up friends here you will gain professional, fast growthRequirements for the friend please hasten speed report of the department of veterans affairs publicity center look forward to your join a national ordinary institutions of higher learning, recruiting object for full-time study cent of all court interconnected system or recognized by the national education degree certification department overseas college graduates and social on-the-job personnel of university bachelor degree or above, heavy not heavy degree.1. Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Resolutely implement the CPC’s basic line, principles and policies;3. Abide by national laws and regulations and have no record of illegal or criminal behavior;4. Have the required professional skills, educational level and ability to fully perform the responsibilities of the post;5. Like and love the propaganda work of retired soldiers;6. Under the same conditions, ex-servicemen are given priority in employment.During the probation period, the minimum guaranteed salary is 5000 YUAN/month, and the probation period is 6 months. After the regular employment, the salary will be favorable, including five insurities and one housing fund. The specific salary will be negotiable according to the individual’s educational background, professional expertise, work experience, business level, innovation ability and actual workload.In addition to wages and benefits, the employees are provided with meal allowances, health check-ups and supplementary medical insurance.5. Recruitment process: Registration → Qualification preliminary examination → written examination → qualification review and interview → Physical examination and backtracking → Agreement signing 6. Registration period: February 18, 2022 to March 6, 2022 7.Please log in and fill in the registration information as required.Address: written test, qualification review and interview will be notified by email or phone. No further notice will be given if the candidates are not included in the written test and interview.Please keep your phone unblocked so that you can receive relevant information in time.Relevant information will be released on the wechat official account of “Chinese Veterans” and the official website of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, please pay attention to, save and check in time.3. Time, place and requirements for interview will be announced later.4. The applicant shall fill in his/her personal information truthfully and be responsible for the authenticity of the information provided. Once he/she finds any fraud, his/her employment qualification will be cancelled and he/she will report to the relevant department according to the circumstances to be recorded in the integrity file.5. The hired personnel shall sign the labor contract with the Publicity Center of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs on the basis of equality, voluntarism and consensus.This announcement is explained by the Publicity Center of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs. Tel: 010-87933632 source: “Chinese veterans” wechat public account