“Closed loop Winter Olympics” under the epidemic: strict prevention but without losing temperature

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, with athletes from all over the world gathering in Beijing.Due to the epidemic prevention and control, this Winter Olympics has become a closed loop.Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic prevention Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, recently introduced the situation of the epidemic in the closed loop of the Winter Olympics. “About 68% of the people have been released from quarantine or discharged from hospital,” he said. “The closed loop is very safe now.”It is easy to understand the gratitude of International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.Bach said the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics will forever change the landscape of global ice and snow sports, and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese people who have made great contributions to the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Brian McCloskey, chief expert of boCOG’s medical team, stressed: “COVID-19 is now two years old and still evolving. The closed-loop policy for the Beijing Winter Olympics is based on science.”In his view, “people in closed loop are now in the safest place in the world, and the likelihood of contracting the Novel Coronavirus in closed loop is much less than in other parts of the world.”The smooth progress of the Winter Olympics cannot be separated from the preventive work in advance.The International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) have issued the first and second editions of the Epidemic Prevention Manual for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.The six general principles of epidemic prevention have been clarified, namely, “simplifying the competition, vaccination, closed-loop management, effective disposal, integrated prevention and control, and overall consideration.”According to the second edition of the Manual, except for medical exemptions, all People involved in the Olympic Games must complete the full course of vaccination at least 14 days before coming to China. Those who have not been vaccinated or have not completed the whole course of vaccination will be quarantined for 21 days.From entry to departure, a full-process, fully closed, point-to-point closed-loop management policy is implemented.”Inside the closed loop, everyone will be required to undergo daily health monitoring and nucleic acid testing, stay in hotels or winter Olympics villages in the closed loop, and only be allowed to travel to and from designated closed loop sites by winter Olympics special vehicles. No contact with people outside the closed loop, let alone social contacts, is allowed.”Full-time vice president of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, secretary General Han Zirong has publicly said.The reporter learned that transportation vehicles operating inside the closed loop are also closed and managed, including high-speed trains, which have specific protection requirements and do not have contact with people outside the loop during the whole process.In addition to personnel, the delivery of goods is also the focus of epidemic prevention. The closed loop inside and outside the venue will be managed by hard isolation, and the transfer of goods inside and outside the closed loop will be implemented through buffer zones. Waste will also be strictly controlled.In addition, foreign researchers in 14 days prior to departure to Beijing, you also need to download a software called “background via the games”, real-time monitoring of overseas personnel flight, in China the first entry point for the Beijing capital international airport, not stopping to other Chinese cities, which also infection spillover problem radically cut off overseas.Beijing is also fully prepared if there are cases of infection during the Games.Huang chun has publicly said that the Winter Olympics will be held under the circumstances of the epidemic. Infected people or small clusters of local cases are possible, but the organizing committee has prepared a number of contingency plans to deal with emergencies.”In the event of a novel coronavirus positive case, asymptomatic infected persons will be sent to special isolation facilities, namely those for asymptomatic infected persons in the three sectors;If there are confirmed cases, they will be sent to designated hospitals.”According to incomplete statistics, the winter Olympics, multi-level comprehensive monitoring and early warning system established including Beijing 680 diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in infectious disease report, more than 80 fever clinics, 150 – odd intestinal outpatient cases monitoring such as fever, diarrhea, more than 600 medical institutions to carry out the monitoring report 11 kinds of symptoms,More than 1000 pharmacies reported related information of medical services;A dynamic surveillance system for infectious diseases has been established covering seven transportation hubs, primary and secondary schools, and 282 fever screening checkpoints of community health service centers. A surveillance and early warning mechanism has been established for major infectious diseases among key people, environments and objects at ports, airports, railway stations, markets and other places.A regular monitoring mechanism has been established for personnel in cold-chain food, production and operation environments, and express delivery industries to maximize the ability to detect outbreaks in a timely manner.Despite strict quarantine measures, the temperature does not change.Within a large closed-loop area, athletes can still move freely between their residences, gymnasiums and the three competition areas by special means of transport.The design of the three winter Olympic villages in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou reflects humanized care, considering that athletes will stay in the village for the longest time.The Winter Olympic Village Canteen offers 678 dishes from all over the world, allowing athletes to taste global cuisine without leaving the village.As the Winter Olympics will take place during the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, the menu also includes special dishes such as “spring rolls” to add a “New Year flavor” to the Games.Coffee shop, gym and other facilities provide athletes with a good exercise environment and space for leisure and entertainment. The ubiquitous green plants and warm music play a role in relieving emotions and calming the mind.”In addition, we are actively exploring the temperature protection mode for the four first-line service scenes of accommodation, catering, waste removal and guidance in the Winter Olympic Village.Combined with the official graphics and colors of the Winter Olympics and the functions of the posts, we designed lightweight, beautiful, easy to put on and take off work clothes with daily protection functions for the service and support staff during the Games.”Ma Boyang, secretary general of Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) venue operation team, introduced the Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) in answer to reporters.China’s “human flavor” has been recognized by many foreign athletes, who have expressed their gratitude and love for China’s comprehensive measures on social media platforms.Nicole Silveira, an athlete from Brazil, recently commented on China’s quarantine measures on social media: “Despite some restrictions on athletes’ movement due to COVID-19, the staff of the Winter Olympics have done the best they can.”Chief editor: Xu Yunqian Chief editor: Gong Peijia