With the help of science and technology and finance, zhucheng’s modern fruit industry is soaring

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Although it is already a cold winter, the tissue culture seedling center of Zhucheng Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technology Incubator is still a busy scene. The standard operation of assembly line makes the tissue culture seedling greatly shorten the seedling raising time on the premise of ensuring high varieties of seed resources.The incubator can cultivate 10 million high-quality dwarf, tissue culture virus-free seedlings annually, meet the planting demand of 200,000 mu of land, and drive farmers to increase their income by 3 billion yuan. It is the engine of supply side reform in Shandong Province.”The company has the largest tissue culture detoxification laboratory in the province, all breeding varieties are ultra low temperature detoxification treatment.With the cooperation of Germany, Italy, the United States and other cooperative units, we have introduced more than 10 kinds of fine varieties including apple, cherry, pear, sorghum, hazelnut, strawberry and potato, covering 1,247 specific species and categories, and have successfully established a virus-free tissue culture and rapid propagation system.Hou Zhigang, head of the incubator.Zhucheng is an advantageous apple production area, with unique advantages of high quality natural resources, more recently pay attention to science and technology enabling agriculture, the selection of national agricultural and forestry incubator cultivation of virus-free seedlings, combined with the cultivation mode of dwarf and dense planting, bred zhucheng apples beautiful appearance, aroma, crisp flesh, juicy unique quality.The shape is round and full, the taste is sweet and crisp and delicate, and it is rich in trace elements, which makes the high-end and high-quality Venus gold of Zhucheng, Yanfu 8 and other new varieties win the championship in weifang Apple Competition for four years.To revitalize rural areas, leading by science and technology is the key.In recent years, Zhucheng adhere to science and technology for agriculture, pay attention to improve the quality of Zhucheng agricultural products, this year with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences fruit research institute, Shandong Weifang Agricultural and Rural bureau cooperation to build the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences fruit Research Institute Zhucheng Fruit Industry Research Institute.Fruit industry research institute “build to solving the achievements” the last kilometer “problem of landing, such as apple, cherry, pear fruit tree research and development of new varieties, new technology, new achievements with experiment and demonstration and high-end seedling breeding, the combination of thousands modern fruit industry for high quality development provide strong support of science and technology, promote the development of fruit tree seedlings of high quality.Financial assistance, “mortgage agricultural loan” to promote industrial development.Technical support, high-end seedlings have not, capital has become a difficult problem for the development of fruit industry.Zhucheng to crack this problem, through fiscal and state-owned enterprises “plays”, attract social capital and financial capital “on the stage singing opera”, set up a new loans varieties – “mortgage agricultural credit”, the new development of fruit tree planting zone according to the industrial scale, the management of the capital requirements, determine the highest credit lending, province after the discount rate of 3.1%,Much lower than ordinary bank loan rates.At present, Zhucheng Yuling apple planting professional cooperatives have successfully issued a loan of 3 million yuan.The successful issuance of “mortgaged agricultural loan” has opened up a new source of funds to support the revitalization of rural industries.Chen Hua, party secretary of Zhucheng Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, said:”To the school to provide technical support for the development of fruit industry cooperation, by the high quality seedlings to provide resources for industrial development, with high quality highly effective characteristic agriculture, fruit industry development projects, such as driving, in limited resources to achieve a higher quality of agricultural output, will be in cities make benefit farmers, high technology content of billions more fruit industry.”Our correspondent Xue Li reports