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Daytime: cloudy to light snow night: moderate snow east wind 3-4 to northeast wind 4-5 gust 6 3 to -3℃ unlimited — more hanging ah!On February 11 at about 12 o ‘clock noon, hedong District Jinbin Avenue from Jinkunqiao to dongxing bridge direction, a white SUV and a white car after the collision overturned, two cars different degrees of damage, no injuries.The accident, which took up three lanes of traffic, slowed traffic in that direction on Tsuhama Avenue.According to China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., LTD., two pairs of trains will be added on February 11 and 18 to ease the passenger flow between Beijing and Tianjin during the Friday evening rush hour and Monday morning rush hour.On February 14 and 21, 7.5 pairs of trains were added, and all trains stopped at Wuqing Station.Recently, a little white fox broke into a residential area in Ninghe, Tianjin, and was trapped by the protective cover of the air conditioner, which was “crushed on the top”.Firefighters rushed to the scene and saw the little guy shrinking down and crying for help. They quickly lifted the air conditioner and rescued him.The rescued little white fox took a shy crab walk at the scene and was released into the wild by firefighters on the advice of the forestry department.According to the latest data from the COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters in Guangxi, 35 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Baise city from 12 PM On February 10 to 12 PM on February 11, including 28 in Debao County and 7 in Jingxi.According to a report by @Qingjiao video: On February 10, in The Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park in Sanmenxia, Henan province, a netizen reported that someone with a child threw stones at swans.After throwing the stone, the man clapped his hands and laughed. Then he took the stone handed by the child and threw it at the swan again for fun.After filming the video, they stopped the brutal behavior and informed the park management department.Regarding the above incident, the staff of the scenic spot said that they were aware of the situation and “reported it and are investigating it.”– A 10-year-old boy plans to buy national bonds with New Year’s money, netizens: I’m better than a child, February 10, Wuhan, Hubei Province.A 10-year-old boy’s mother was surprised to see her son write about “buying government bonds” as one of the items on his lucky money list.My mother said that she was engaged in stock investment, and when her child saw her checking the k-chart of stock at home, she would be interested in relevant financial knowledge.The Civil Aviation Administration of The People’s Republic of China (CAAC) announced on February 2 that KLM flight KL857 from Amsterdam to Shanghai had confirmed five cases of COVID-19.According to the Notice of Civil Aviation Administration of China on Adjustment of Circuit breaker Measures for International Scheduled Passenger Flights, circuit breaker measures are implemented for the above flights: from February 21, KLM flight KL857 will continue to suspend operation of 2 flights.The amount of fusible flights shall not be used for other routes.Under the guidance of local embassies and consulates, these airlines should provide comfort to passengers and refund or change tickets for subsequent flights.– The Supreme People’s Procuratorate decided to arrest Zhou Jiangyong, former Member of the Standing Committee of zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and former Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, on suspicion of accepting bribes. The investigation was concluded by the National Supervisory Commission and transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution.Zhou Jiangyong was arrested by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of taking bribes.The case is being further handled.- congratulations!China won the silver medal in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 11, the sixth medal for the Chinese delegation at the Games.Women’s curling China lost to the United States 4-8 in the third round of the women’s round-robin curling tournament on Feb 11.Johannes Stroertz of Austria won the men’s all-around gold medal in alpine skiing on Feb. 10.Johannes’ father Hubert also won 34 years ago in Calgary, making the pair the first father-son gold medalists in alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics.”It was hard not to cry,” Johannes said after the game.Chinese athletes Zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu finished the race smoothly, and finally ranked 16th and 17th, which is the best result for Chinese athletes in this event at the Winter Olympics.– Latest bulletin!Test positive!The Russian Olympic Team has won the gold medal in the figure skating team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics after a Russian figure skater tested positive for a banned substance and was cleared to continue competing.But a number of foreign media later said that before the Winter Olympics, Russia’s figure skater Valieva valieva tested positive for a banned substance.The international Inspection Agency (ITA) confirmed on February 11 that a sample provided by Valieva on December 25, 2021 had tested positive for drugs.He has since been provisionally suspended by the Russian anti-doping agency (RUSADA).On 9 February 2022, Valieva challenged the provisional suspension and a hearing was held on the same day.RUSADA decided to lift her provisional suspension and allow her to continue to compete in the Beijing Olympics.Russian Olympic Committee member Kamila Valieva during the competition.The Xinhua News Agency Yi-bo li taken — the Beijing Olympics the first aviation medical rescue success on February 10, 11 to about 50 points, the national center for alpine skiing helicopter rescue teams received instructions, a foreign player was injured in the alpine skiing men’s all-around speed skating project, a preliminary diagnosis of left forearm open fractures, to enable the helicopter transport treatment.This is the first time that the air medical team has carried out a rescue mission in the “Snow Flying Swallow” since the opening of this Winter Olympics.An employee in Shanghai recently discovered that his colleague had taken time off to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.Almida De Waal, 25, a Swedish company employee, took a leave of absence in early January to prepare for the Winter Olympics, placing third in curling mixed doubles, and will return to work the week of February 14, company officials said.The company is very supportive of her participation in the Winter Olympics, and her Chinese colleagues are encouraged to see it.– King, Queen, positive!Spain’s King Felipe VI has tested positive for coronavirus, the royal Household said in a statement on Tuesday.The statement said felipe VI, who had suffered mild symptoms, was generally in good health and would be quarantined for seven days.Novel Coronavirus test results for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark were positive on 9 February local time.The Queen of Denmark is showing mild symptoms and has received three doses of COVID-19 vaccine.According to yonhap news on February 11, busan police received a report on February 9 that a Chinese student was beaten in the street by two South Korean men.According to A police report, A Chinese student in his 20s was assaulted by two men, including A Korean man in his 30s, in Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, around 8:50 p.m. on August 9.The police took the two abusers back to the police station for brief questioning.After the incident, A video of the alleged beating was widely circulated on Weibo, Posting that Chinese people were beaten in South Korea for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Police believe the case had nothing to do with anti-Chinese sentiment over the Olympic penalty, but was simply an altercation over a shoulder bump while walking.According to police, the assailant did not specifically target the Chinese and will be summoned for further information.– Famous actor diagnosed with COVID-19!According to South Korean media, Kim felt mild cold symptoms on Wednesday, tested positive with a self-test box, and was confirmed to have COVID-19 after a PCR test. He received his second dose of vaccine last year.Kim jong Guk will cancel all his trips and undergo home quarantine and treatment.Born in anyang, Gyeonggi Province in 1976, Kim graduated from Hansei University and Dankook University.South Korean singer, DJ, lead singer of South Korean boy band Turbo.Since 2010, he has been the host of Running Man, a large-scale variety show.Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced Tuesday that it had found a massive deposit at the bottom of the containment vessel at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Kyodo news reported. The size, hardness and composition of the deposit are not yet known.Officials say the lumps are most likely pieces of nuclear fuel.The report said it was the first time that material that could be a fuel fragment was found in unit 1.Ice Mound of a fighting Nation Workers at Moscow’s Zhukovsky Park recently created an 800kg snow sculpture called ice Mound of a fighting Nation, which attracted local people to punch in and take photos.Similarly, in Belarus, a group of college students made three “ice blocks” out of snow to cheer on the Olympic athletes on their campus.New media editor Xu Dan