The sky-high MILITARY budget of the United States is causing havoc in the world

2022-09-05 0 By

As the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to simmer, US defense giants are reaping huge profits from a steady stream of orders, while US military spending is also rising.On March 28, the White House submitted the FEDERAL government budget request for fiscal year 2023 to the US Congress, including a defense budget request of $813.3 billion.Analysts point out that the root cause of the us military budget increase lies in its belligerence and outdated Cold War mentality.The Belligerence of the United States to safeguard its hegemony not only brings chaos to the world, but also pushes itself into the abyss of danger.According to data released by the White House, the defense Department’s budget request for the new fiscal year is $30.7 billion higher, or about 4 percent, than it was in 2022.Entering the 21st century, the United States military expenditure is rising.Us experts point out that military hawks in Washington are using the Conflict with Ukraine as an excuse to increase US military spending.A significant portion of U.S. military spending is used to support U.S. military operations overseas.Since the end of world War II, the United States has participated in or launched many wars and intervened in a series of armed conflicts by supporting proxies and providing weapons and ammunition. Some countries are still in conflict.Experts point out that the us militarism and high military spending are largely the result of the military-industrial complex formed by the military, arms dealers and politicians.The “military-industrial complex” of the United States has deeply penetrated into foreign policy and national security decisions, and become a huge interest group with many roots. Arms dealers make war money, politicians grab political capital, and some scholars and journalists who “feed on war” are even “rich and famous”.Experts believe that during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States sent a large number of weapons to Ukraine and some neighboring countries, but did not actively promote peace talks, because the longer the war lasts, the more profits for American arms dealers.War is part of the GLOBAL agenda of the US. The US maintains hegemony through war and creates enemies without enemies.And America’s sky-high military budget could easily send the wrong signal, plunging the US into a new cold war.Source: CCTV news client editor: Zeng Jiajia process editor: Guo Dan