Sichuan province Yibin City Xingwen county 5.1 earthquake village collapsed

2022-09-05 0 By

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit Xingwen county in Yibin City, Sichuan Province at 7:50 am Thursday, local authorities said.It is reported that after the earthquake, local transportation departments responded immediately according to the emergency plan requirements, through segment-level inspection, video inspection and other ways to the involved G93 Luzhou-Chongqing expressway, S41 Yishu expressway, G76 Naqian-Guizhou Expressway, G93 Chengdu-Chongqing Loop expressway Leyi section, S4 Chengyizhou-Yibin section of the emergency inspection.After investigation, no obvious abnormality was found on the above expressways, the traffic of all toll stations was normal, no disaster report was received, and the special emergency rescue channel of all toll stations had been opened.At present, the local transportation department has asked the highway operating company to carry out a comprehensive road inspection again.(Reporter Hu Xu)