Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions mobilized various forces to fight the epidemic

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Source: Worker’s Daily ClientShenzhen city federation of trade unions to mobilize various forces fighting the epidemic – zhonggong network reporter Liu Youting workers journal Correspondent dunant star after the outbreak of an epidemic of shenzhen, shenzhen federation of trade unions in accordance with the unified city epidemic prevention headquarters of the deployment, organizing trade union cadres at all levels, staff member in a gleam of epidemic prevention, insisted on the center of the worker work guidance, launch series care for initiatives,We will spare no efforts to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers and build harmonious labor relations.The Reporter learned that the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions immediately issued a proposal to the city’s workers, model workers and trade union cadres, organizing and mobilizing trade union cadres at all levels to go down to the front line to fight the epidemic. Trade union cadres at all levels took the initiative to participate in the frontline battle field by forming trade union support teams and participating in volunteer activities.China has played a key role in quarantining hotels, communities, enterprises and industrial parks at the grass-roots level.Since the beginning of this year, municipal and district federations of trade unions have organized 7,140 trade union officials and mobilized about 90,000 staff members to help fight the epidemic.On March 10, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions mobilized 408 trade union cadres and workers at all levels to form a strike team to help Futian District and other places carry out epidemic prevention and control work.The city’s trade unions at all levels also raised a special fund of about 48 million yuan to offer condolences to the front-line workers of epidemic prevention and control in quarantined hotels and special classes at ports, as well as about 200,000 poverty-stricken workers affected by the epidemic, and sent them the warmth of party committees, governments and trade unions.City federation of trade unions of city workers to build it’s foundation also linkage love social organization, raise masks, disinfection gel, disinfection spray and so on one batch of more than 420 ten thousand yuan worth of epidemic prevention materials, condolences to frontline staff and residents “three areas”, and called for companies to raise only 200000 love KN95 masks, a group of disease resistance testing kits and other materials for resistance to diseaseDonated to Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic.According to the municipal Federation of Trade Unions, in view of the rights and interests of enterprises and workers during the epidemic, the city’s trade unions at all levels have launched a full range of legal services.The trade Union 12351 workers’ rights protection service hotline is online all day and receives legal advice from employees 24 hours a day.In the city’s densely populated communities and industrial parks, shenzhen trade Unions have set up 51 trade union legal service stations, covering nearly 3 million workers, to widely publicize laws, regulations and policy documents related to COVID-19.At the same time, if the labor rights and interests of workers are infringed due to the epidemic, they can directly apply to the labor union for legal aid, and the labor union will represent the qualified workers in labor dispute cases free of charge.In terms of psychological care for workers, shenzhen Labor Union has received psychological counseling from employees through the psychological service hotline 83288836 to help solve the psychological discomfort caused by the epidemic, such as anxiety, panic and low mood.The city’s trade unions at all levels have also provided online and offline, point-to-point psychological counseling for workers in need through various channels such as staff service positions, spiritual post stations, wechat public accounts and QQ numbers, and guided them to face the epidemic with a positive attitude and continue to do their jobs well.This year, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will continue to help workers infected with COVID-19.Trade union members who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since January 2021 shall apply for it by themselves or the trade union representative of the unit they belong to. After the application is approved, the Municipal Workers Relief and Relief Foundation under the FTU will issue care and assistance funds at the standard of 5,000 YUAN per person (each person can only receive one subsidy), and the application deadline is December 31, 2022.It is worth mentioning that “Novel Coronavirus pneumonia” has also been included in the claim scope of the Mutual protection plan for On-the-job employees’ serious diseases by shenzhen Mutual Protection Plan for Employees. The protection period is from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Employees diagnosed with “Novel Coronavirus pneumonia” during the protection period are covered by the Mutual protection Plan for on-the-job employees’ serious diseases.Mutual aid shall be paid according to the insured share, and the maximum mutual aid shall be 25,000 yuan.For details about the application process of the assistance fund and mutual aid fund, please follow the wechat official account of shenzhen Labor Union.It was revealed that the municipal Federation of Trade Unions will continue to raise funds for care, give “epidemic road guard” comprehensive security project to high-risk workers at the front line of epidemic prevention and control, arrange treatment and recuperation for employees who have made outstanding contributions to the fight against the epidemic, and mobilize the city’s workers to join hands in fighting against the epidemic and contribute more labor union strength to epidemic prevention and control.Editor in charge: Yao Yimeng