Queen Li Chunjiang!Guangzhou men’s basketball team set up 3 national players +3 foreign aid lineup, the CBA championship

2022-09-05 0 By

Beijing time on February 6, metal team built announced officially return to the third phase of the new season training, involving the team goal, attract the attention of numerous media and fans, especially after reports in zhejiang, construction of big foreign aid emeka okafor has not arranged on the Spring Festival holiday, rather than a separate training is given priority to, to his age, physical quality, play,I’m afraid it’s another ceiling level foreign aid after Vonlay.For Jones, is actually a surprise, due to the return of France, the shenzhen team operation and booker sat, to this, Jones men’s basketball team in shenzhen as a reserve of foreign aid plan, once in a free market attracts the attention from the poor management, it is reported, just leave a very high cost performance contract, the two sides reach an agreement, the shenzhen team is willing to let go,Highlights more guangxia men’s basketball harvest.But whether outside media, fans, although Jones played very satisfied, involving a foreign influence, the gap is obvious, therefore, emeka okafor, part will be divided again foreign aid, 48 minutes rotation time, two people relatively large gap between the way to play the game, is expected to further enrich the poor men’s basketball team’s tactical system framework.And back to the little foreign aid, rivers with former club termination of rumors, affects the construction of team management, it is understood that the 34-year-old veteran intends to make of the CBA league, and the poor, besides Sun Minghui not qualified backcourt rotation, especially Xu Zhonghao and Hu Jinqiu have to assume responsibility, the rivers join can increase the rate of more fault-tolerant,Returning to the reserve plan for the new season, the three foreign aid rotation, believe that no team dare to underestimate them.From Hu Jinqiu, Zhao Yanhao Sun Minghui three players, we should to Jones, emeka okafor, doc rivers three foreign aid configuration, standing on a team in the CBA league rotation, it is already very luxurious lineup, even with zhejiang, liaoning, guangdong, compared to the spring river guide after leave, formed out of a team that has configuration.So coach Wang Bo guidance pressure is very big, reference guangzhou men’s basketball investment and configuration, if the new season in the playoffs can not come up with enough to prove their results, like Li Chunjiang, facing the management and investors of the double layer test, deeply concerned by the outside world.