Liu Yifei play wedding dress modelling exposure!Holding flowers small show shoulder clavicle, swan neck white superior

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Actress Liu Yifei’s wedding dress was revealed on March 23.Liu, wearing a white wedding dress, appeared nervous as she was supported by the actor with a bouquet.She wore a veil very holy, small face is only the size of the palm, even if the scalp is still stuck to the shape of her high appearance level, or so beautiful and moving.Liu yifei’s body is super perfect, small dew shoulder collarbone looks a little sexy, but also has an elegant temperament.Her swan neck white superior, right shoulder has a super round line, the whole person is beautiful, as if the princess is general noble.At 34, she shows no signs of putting on weight and her arms are almost as thick as the top and bottom, giving her a superperfect figure.A few days ago, Liu Yifei appeared in Dali to take a play by a net friend.She was dressed in black and dining with friends at a roadside restaurant.Although wearing sunglasses, but still can not hide her good temperament.It can also be seen in the photo that Liu Yifei is holding her mobile phone in the whole process, I do not know what interesting content attracted her, and the mobile phone also hung a string of beads, full of girl heart.Liu is very happy with her work in Dali and often shares some photos of her resting.She recently posted a photo of herself with a field of rape flowers, wearing sunglasses and red lips, looking very dashing.With blue skies, beautiful scenery and delicious coffee, Liu yifei’s working environment is very comfortable.Liu Yifei is really too beautiful, worthy of having celestial say.Hope to see her in real life as soon as possible to put on the wedding dress, find their prince Charming, I wish her a smooth shooting of the new drama, in the broadcast of good results.