Li Xiumei, member of the bonded Garden Grid: The current epidemic, feeling full

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(Correspondent: Jiang Ning) She is an ordinary grid worker in The Bonded Garden community. In 2022, an unexpected encounter with the epidemic made her grow rapidly into an extraordinary “soldier”.In the process of fighting the epidemic, Li Xiumei paid countless tears and sweat, but gained valuable understanding and trust, as well as full of neighborhood love.After the Spring Festival in 2022, the epidemic rebounded in China, with new cases of COVID-19 being found around Yantai.Li xiumei and her “comrade-in-arms” joined the first line of the fight against the epidemic.Faced with the more than 10 homeowners in the grid, the first thing that came to Lee’s mind was: “What do they need now?What can I do for them?How can we make them feel at home?Inconvenient life, stagnant work, inner anxiety, spiritual loss……If I were quarantined, how would I face all this?”After putting herself in their shoes, She fully understood their situation and decided to do her best to help them. “I bought and delivered rice, noodles, fruits and vegetables for them when there were no more.It’s time to throw out the trash. Never mind. I’ll clean it up for them.All they have to do is stay at home, and what happens outside the door is me!”There was no elevator in the community. Li Xiumei, 53 years old, climbed the fifth floor every day and panted to put the bags of fruits and vegetables at the door of people who were quarantinable at home. The people were deeply moved: “Elder sister, how can I thank you for such a high building and such a heavy thing you climbed the stairs to give us?”Lee smiled and said, I want to thank you, too. You are supporting our work by staying at home and cooperating with quarantine.Is it not for the fight against the epidemic?”When Li Xiumei went to Wu’s home to clean up the garbage, watching her a big bag full of garbage seal, eliminate, and then seal, and then eliminate, the door of Wu said from the heart: “hard, sister, I really feel sorry……”The elderly living alone in a home appliance card out of power, Li Xiumei for the first time to charge him;Zhang needs to buy designated drugs, she ran several pharmacies to the elderly to send…Similar things happen every day, although very hard, but Li Xiumei paid for everyone’s understanding and trust, her work also got everyone’s support!In addition to taking care of her family, she also provides spiritual comfort to the residents of the grid.During the pandemic, Ms. Lee’s mobile phone was always available 24 hours a day, and residents were bombarded with calls, often late at night.Some want to report for the trip, some consulting control policy, some concerns on surrounding outbreak, to this, li beauty not only not boring, but think of residents to find her so late, must be urgent things or have a heart and then she patiently to communicate with the owner, the trouble to answer various questions, to appease everybody’s mood.So far, Lee has helped 28 households in the grid, a total of 73 people successfully spent the time of home isolation.Lee soo-mi took care of those inside the door, but she did not relax those outside.In order to check the platoon, the district organized nearly 10 large-scale nucleic acid tests for all staff. Together with her “comrade-in-arms”, she always arrived in advance to maintain order, guide residents to generate TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, collect information for the elderly and so on. With their joint efforts, each nucleic acid test was successfully completed.During the day, they visit families in isolation.At night, they have to hurry up the day’s data collection……Some grid workers in the community were temporarily assigned, and they were in tight hands. She took the initiative to summarize and report the data ledger of home quarantine personnel in the community every day, striving to make more contributions to the fight against the epidemic.Someone asked Su-mi: What motivates you to work so hard?She said: The power of example!The big parent of our grid team – Director Jiang Ning, she has not experienced the word “off work” for a long time, 24 hours are nervous, overtime has been common.Epidemic prevention requirements “must be checked, without missing a person”, but there is always a few people resist the nucleic acid detection, therefore, ginger, director of the use of this part of the people at home from work at night time, the grid agent together with us, hard to, and use, to make this part of the residents to recognize the importance of nucleic acid detection, voluntary to participate in the full nucleic acid detection, one time more than 9 PM,When he finished the last family, Jiang suddenly remembered that there would be an online parents’ meeting at 7 o ‘clock tonight!”You can be really good, even forgot the child thing” we are laughing at Director Jiang’s “bad memory”, but the heart is full of moved and admiration – director Jiang’s heart, only work, only “anti-epidemic”!She, is our example, is the source of our strength!Grid member is not only a job, but also a trust, with the trust of the leaders of superior departments, as well as the trust of grid residents.Li xiumei believes that after experiencing the epidemic, she and her “comrade-in-arms” will make the grid work better and better, and let the virus have no place to hide!