“Important note” February 21st school day traffic forecast, please stamp

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The Spring Festival of 2022 is drawing to a close, and the Spring Festival travel rush is coming to an end.Next Monday (February 21), the city’s primary and secondary schools will open, morning and evening peak congestion days will be back!We deeply study the traffic operation rules on the opening day, carefully analyze the traffic trend, and summarize the areas and sections with great traffic pressure on the opening day to help you avoid traffic jams and wrong peaks and travel efficiently.February 21 is the most severe school day in the past five years. In addition to normal congestion and school opening on Monday, there are also three important overlapping factors. The first is 4/9 traffic restrictions, the number of motor vehicles increased significantly;Secondly, the winter Olympic special road is still in use, the main commuter channel of the winter Olympic special road traffic pressure will be more prominent;Finally, The 21st is the peak day for foreign delegations to leave China after the End of the Winter Olympic Games. The traffic guarantee will be combined with the school and work trips of friends. Traffic control measures will be taken on the guaranteed routes as needed.Based on the comprehensive analysis of the above situation, it is expected that the urban traffic pressure will obviously climb to a high level on The 21st, especially the traffic pressure in the morning rush hour. The average traffic index is expected to be around 7.0, and the overall traffic congestion level is moderate, with the peak traffic index reaching around 8.6.Primary and secondary schools, winter Olympic village, Related to the hotel surrounding traffic pressure, local road traffic pressure prominent, continuous congestion.Let us work together to maintain good traffic order 01 arrange travel plans, timely attention to the traffic information 02 to choose green travel, peak travel 03 obey the rules, the civilized travel, comity wade 04 transportation vehicles, the vehicle in the campus surrounding is stop is taking games support departure traffic key support line involving the city’s western, northern and eastern commuter travel concentrated area,The time is 6 to 11 traffic security, security along the route will take temporary traffic control measures, according to need early peak north, north, east 4th ring road, west fourth ring rings, mound stone road, went road, airport expressway and delimit the games lanes, and leave the security line, major commuter channel road traffic pressure will be very prominent,It is suggested that you take the airport Express rail or go to Beijing Capital Airport via the second airport Express.Dongcheng and Xicheng are located in the core urban areas, and the traffic pressure is the most prominent, with peak traffic indexes of 8.7 and 8.9.Chaoyang and Haidian are the main areas for commuting and school travel, with dense school districts and units. They are key areas for winter Olympics, with heavy traffic pressure for commuting, school travel and winter Olympics, with peak traffic indexes of 8.3 and 8.4.The overall traffic pressure level of Fengtai and Shijingshan is slightly lower, the duration of congestion is short, and the short-term traffic pressure of local areas and sections is large, with peak traffic indexes of 8.0 and 8.1.Key areas shijia, Tecsun, Zhongguancun and other major school districts, financial Street, Guomao CBD and other major business districts, as well as the National Stadium, Siyuanqiao and other key security areas related to the Olympics road network morning peak traffic pressure prominent, some of the road partial sections continue to congestion.Details of Key Regions Main roads Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Cheng-Cheng Expressway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Beijing-Tong Expressway, Fushi Road, Lianshi Road and other major commuter corridors have prominent tidal traffic characteristics, with prominent traffic pressure in the morning rush hour direction into the city and evening rush hour direction out of the city.Two-way traffic pressure is prominent in the eastern, western and northern main ring roads.The Olympic special road section of the fourth ring Road in northeast China is guaranteed by the morning rush hour and the traffic pressure is most prominent, which is prone to long-term congestion.TOCC will release travel forecasts in advance through CCTV, BTV, 103.9 Radio, Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, official wechat and Weibo to provide you with timely, accurate and comprehensive travel information.Toccis on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the city’s comprehensive traffic operation in real time, and carry out comprehensive coordinated traffic operation scheduling with traffic management, education Commission, meteorological, high-speed, metro and other departments, giving full play to the advantages of multi-department on-site linkage to ensure smooth urban traffic operation on the opening day.END (Source: Beijing Traffic Operation Monitoring and Dispatching Center)