Chinese space station’s first Spring Festival

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Carrying out the longest space flight mission so far, the Shenzhou 13 astronauts have been staying in space for the longest time by the Chinese astronauts, but also the first to spend the lunar New Year in space by the crew.Let’s find out how to make the first Lunar New Year in space a fun and enjoyable experience on China’s space station, some 400km above earth.On January 31, Wang sent blessings to the motherland and its people.Ye Guangfu holds the Chinese character “fu” to express his New Year wishes.Zhai Zhigang is writing Spring Festival couplets.For the first time, the Chinese New Year’s Eve is viewed from space with the Chinese character fu (福) written, Spring Festival couplets posted and lanterns hung…New Year’s Eve, the astronauts are very busy.Prepare red paper in advance, practice calligraphy, the astronauts write their own Spring Festival couplets.Zhai Zhigang is good at calligraphy, waving and splashing ink, chic and elegant;Wang Yaping writing god, graceful generous;Ye Guangfu is meticulous and meticulous with every brush stroke.In weightless environment, Chinese knot, fu and astronaut cartoon image blessing stickers without wind automatically.The astronauts had a big dinner and enjoyed it.As the dumpling floated in front of her, Wang gently stirred it with a spoon and the whole thing floated slowly into her mouth.Small ball of water soup, Zhai Zhigang gently suck, homeopathy swallowed.Zang Peng, director of the Space Nutrition and food department of the Astronaut Center of China, said scientists prepared three kinds of fillings: pork and cabbage, Spanish mackerel and yellow cauliflower, so that astronauts could enjoy delicious dumplings during the Spring Festival.At 7:30 PM, the high-speed Chinese space station passed over China, and Wang yaping took pictures of the brightly lit land of China.Seen from the space station, Beijing, Tianjin and other cities are dazzling.”This is our first view of China on New Year’s Eve from space.”Wang yaping said.As the clock strikes midnight in the Year of the Tiger, Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu send lunar New Year greetings from space through the Spring Festival Gala.During the Spring Festival, the astronauts will have a relatively relaxed holiday, and can control their own time, reading, watching TV dramas, and two-way video calls with family and friends.The three astronauts will watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics from space.Launched into earth orbit on April 29, 2021, the core module of the space station has been safely operating in space for 280 days.The Beijing Space Flight Control Center, The China Astronaut Center and various subsystems of the space station provide cooperative support and care for the space station.The station is in good condition and in accordance with the ground plan.In order to ensure that the three astronauts have a safe, happy and smooth Lunar New Year in space for the first time, the ground science and technology personnel have made meticulous preparations and maintained their attention and support at all times.Before the Spring Festival, Beijing astronautics flight control center staff organization to carry out the combination of flight control station work as planned, completed the combination control station, the astronauts in orbit, payload in-orbit experiment and emergency disposal and so on specific work, and work to do during the festival the complete plan, ensure that have the ability to deal with emergency at any time,To ensure the smooth operation of the space station and the safety of astronauts in orbit.”Astronauts explore space in the sky, and our personnel on the ground protect the astronauts and ensure that they have a safe living environment.”Fu Xiaohong, an engineer at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, said the ground monitors the status of the spacecraft and astronauts, and uses orbital data to make orbit budgets.For example, a space station assembly that is in close proximity to other satellites or space debris at any one time will need to take evasive control.During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the astronauts have video calls or watch the Spring Festival Gala and other video programs, more than 40 time periods have been added to the upstream and downstream communication arcs on the ground, increasing the time for astronauts to have entertainment and communicate with their families.”Beijing, Shuguang report, request two-way video call with Shenzhou XIII.Over.”On New Year’s Eve, in the Astronaut Support Hall of China Astronaut Center, shuguang command, Shuguang general, Shuguang doctor and environmental control, health care and other post personnel formed the ground support and guarantee team.Under their guardianship, the astronauts shared their space life with their families through two-way video, telling them how much they miss them.Code names such as “Beijing”, “Shenzhou”, “Shuguang” and “Tianhe” indicate different jobs in manned missions, among which “Shuguang” is the code name of the astronaut system.In flight control, the “Shuguang” post is responsible for the interaction between the astronaut system and other systems, such as extravestration activities, space lectures and in-orbit tests.For the astronauts in orbit, Dawn means the full support of the crew system staff behind the scenes.”We should observe astronauts’ in-orbit operations and provide corresponding operational support.”According to Wu Hao, a staff member of shuguang post and the first female commander of space station extravestration activities, the shuguang post is responsible for making astronauts’ in-orbit plans, supporting in-orbit operations and collecting important data.They will work closely with the astronauts in orbit, communicate in time and adjust arrangements as needed.They are concerned about everything from the adjustment of the astronauts’ in-orbit movement intensity, to the detection of microbes in the spacecraft, the sampling of water and even how much water the astronauts need to drink every day.As of New Year’s Eve, the Shenzhou 13 astronauts have stayed in space for 108 days.Xu Chong, director of the medical supervision and medical insurance office of the Astronaut Center of China, said the astronaut team is in good physical and mental condition.Astronauts in orbit to maintain muscle exercise at the same time, but also regular monitoring of their own muscle conditions.A few days before the Spring Festival, astronauts carried out in-orbit physical examinations, including ultrasound tests on the heart, abdomen and lower limb muscles.Chinese astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu began their six-month stay in space on Oct. 16, 2021, welcoming the second batch of astronauts and the first female astronaut to the Space station.Up to now, Zhai Zhigang and Wang Yaping have respectively become the longest Chinese male and female astronauts in orbit.The space environment is complex.The space station flies in a low-Earth elliptical orbit about 400 kilometers above the Earth, where astronauts are exposed to microgravity, high vacuum, alternating temperatures, and space radiation.The space station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, which means the spacecraft alternates between hot and cold, with temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius and as low as minus 120 degrees Celsius.More than half of the space “business trip” time, shenzhou 13 manned mission of space science and technology experiments in an orderly way, the astronauts have become more and more accustomed to the living environment of the space station.Wang believes that 2021 will be a fruitful year for the manned space program as a whole, with five consecutive successful missions, initial achievements in the construction of the space station, and the first time that The Chinese people settled in their “home in space”. History has been set new records in the hands of those who strive hard.Zhai Zhigang said that the astronauts mouth “feel good”, is after a major test, breakthrough challenges after the true feelings of the natural reveal.”It is the hard work of scientists across the manned space program and the round-the-clock support that keeps us’ feeling good ‘during the flight.”For the second half of the space journey, shenzhou 13 astronauts are full of expectations.According to the plan, China will complete the construction of a space station by 2022, develop a national space laboratory, and carry out long-term stay of astronauts, large-scale space science experiments, and maintenance of the station platform.This year, the “Ask Heaven” and “Dream Sky” experimental modules, as well as the “Shenzhou” manned spacecraft and “Tianzhou” cargo spacecraft will be launched, followed by the “sky survey” space telescope.In the future, more and more Chinese people will welcome the New Year and celebrate the Spring Festival in space.Source: People’s Daily Read: Tan Lugang