A van with a flat tire caused by illegal loading flipped out of control

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The scene of the accident.Rednet moment April 6 – (correspondent Yao Yu) April 2 at 12 o ‘clock, provincial high police Zhuzhou detachment liling brigade on duty room received the police, said the South direction of the Wudan-Shenzhen expressway 340km, a van overturned in the emergency lane, in need of rescue.After receiving the police immediately rushed to the scene of the accident for disposal.When the police arrived at the scene, they found that a van was parked on its back in the emergency lane, with stones scattered on the ground.It was a thrilling scene.It is understood that the driver Zhou mou drove the car illegally loaded tombstone stone from Wangcheng to Liling, the line to this section of the road due to the heavy stone lead to vehicle tire, resulting in vehicle rollover and bridge guardrail collision accident.Fortunately, the driver was wearing a seat belt and was not hurt.The final police identified, Zhou mou because of driving passenger vehicles in violation of the provisions of the cargo, driving motor vehicle failure or accident on the highway, not according to the provisions of the warning sign set up illegal acts combined fined 300 yuan, driving license 3 points.Zhou took full responsibility for the accident.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original