Xingyang Yulong Town: “doorstep” intermediate baby teacher training course to broaden women’s employment road

2022-09-04 0 By

The elephant journalists Bass ch Yang Linyang the rapid development of infants and young children early education market, brings the nursery teacher such an emerging profession, in order to improve the employability of jurisdiction female residents, let “huimin project” implemented, recently, xingyang and dragon town for area residents to carry out the eight-day public nursery teacher training courses.NingShan community training invited the white teacher with rich experience in teaching, teaching of jurisdiction forty students in the process of training, white teacher from neonatal life aspects and so on characteristics, neonatal, infant feeding to teach students about the basic knowledge of the nursery, and teach students how to bathe a newborn, touch, such as speaking skills,The new baby-sitters took photos, took notes and asked questions.After the training, theoretical and practical operation tests will be carried out, and the qualified students will be awarded the certificate of intermediate infant nurse.Combined with the actual social situation and the employment situation of rural women with registered permanent residence in the area, Tanshan Community holds a special training activity of “intermediate baby nurse”, so that residents can receive the national formal skills training at home and broaden the path of future employment. The whole course adopts the way of “theoretical knowledge learning + practical practice” to teach.It mainly includes professional literacy, basic knowledge of infant growth and development, infant life care, infant health care and nursing.The teaching method of teachers is lively and interesting. They combine the behavior of their babies in different age groups with the theoretical knowledge of books in the form of video playback, and quickly bring students into the classroom, teaching and learning to solve doubts in the fun.Employment is fundamental to people’s wellbeing, and entrepreneurship is the source of employment.Through the training, not only so that the students have mastered the scientific knowledge of baby, but also for the employment of women to provide entrepreneurial employment “stepping-stone”.In the future, Yulong town will continue to regard the employment problem as a key livelihood project, the people’s project, firmly grasp the hand, fall in the actual place.(Correspondent Bayan Jiang Lulin)