Wang Yang, Song Jia usher in two!Five strong actors escort, net friend: not to explode all difficult

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The first hit of the year is undoubtedly “The World”.The story of the real interesting, all acting online, era atmosphere, a start will set off a wave of national drama.At the same time, “The World” also won the national number one ratings.Even Teacher Liang Xiaosheng, the original writer, thought the adaptation was good, and he burst into tears when he saw the finished product.With the popularity of This World, many audiences feel insecure about Wang Yang’s role as CAI Xiaoguang.In the drama, CAI xiaoguang has been silently guarding Zhou Rong in his own way, which has touched many audiences bluntly.No matter when and where CAI Xiaoguang is, Zhou Rong can let him put down everything with a phone call, which is enough to illustrate CAI Xiaoguang’s sincerity and infatuation.After zhou rong’s parents died, CAI Xiaoguang proposed marriage and gave Zhou rong a home.Even Song Jia, who plays Zhou Rong, said on the set that if she could have met a good man like CAI in her life, she would have married.Song also said wang is a good actor and looks forward to working with him again.Wang Yang, Song Jia usher in two!Five strong actors escort, net friend: not to explode all difficult.This time, Wang Yang and Song Jia duo’s work is echoes, which has been completed.Echo is a suspense drama directed by Feng Xiaogang, which tells the story of a marriage mystery when ran Dong, a female police detective, is investigating a mysterious murder case.Echo’s narrative is very cinematic. The drama will be narrated in parallel with two main lines of investigation and emotion, which is sure to bring many viewers a pleasant visual enjoyment.For Feng Xiaogang’s ability, I believe everyone is obvious.This time, under his direction, “Echoes” certainly has a lot of texture.On top of that, “Echoes” has a gorgeous cast.The heroine of the play, played by Song Jia.The male protagonist is played by Wang Yang.Song Jia is recognized as a powerful actress in the industry. Since her debut, she has brought many well-known masterpieces to the audience, such as “Going Through The Gates”, “Young Shuai”, “Xiao She-de”, “White Moonlight” and so on.As for Wang Yang’s acting skills, there is no doubt about them.From Teng Zi Jing in “Celebrate More Years”, to Silent Group in “Rebel”, to CAI Xiaoguang in “The World”, Wang Yang has played every role with his unique personality charm.This time, Song Jia and Wang Yang cooperate again, affirmation tacit understanding is full.Coupled with their superb acting skills, they are sure to bring many surprises to the audience. Let’s wait and see!”Echo” this drama in addition to Song Jia, Wang Yang these two leading actors, there are Xu Fan, Zhang Guoli, Bao Beier, Huang Xuan, Dong Jie and other powerful actors joined.With xu Fan and Zhang Guoli as escorts, Echo is sure to provide a lot of fun for the show.Meanwhile, the middle-aged actors Bao Beier, Huang Xuan and Dong Jie are also excellent in their acting, which is sure to daze many audiences.With its complicated and confusing plot, online acting and interesting narrative, Echo is just around the corner.