Serialized version of “Legend of the Eagle Heroes” reading 413: win at the starting line, but lost the life

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Three examination questions just took an examination of two, Huang Yaoshi has changed his mind.It’s hard to see Ouyang still trying to please this guy, please that guy.Guo Jing only has to do one thing well.Do your part.Don’t worry about anything else.Little thought, much gain.That’s the result of choosing right.Ouyang Ke in addition to the starting point than Guo Jing high, the other did not do a right.One advantage can last him half his life. That’s a stroke.Guo Jing showed the growth of dynamic development.Ouyang ke is eating the original, using the stock.No wonder he doesn’t please.It was not easy for him to change because he was used to the stock.Ouyang ke is a starting point for success and failure.Did not lose in the starting line, but lost a lifetime.Huang Rong’s heart is secretly pleased, right thumb does not keep bending, beckoning to him to kowtow.Guo Jing know this is kowtow, the moment climb to the ground, to Huang Yaoshi knock four heads, but do not speak in the mouth.Huang Yaoshi smiled: “You kowtow to me stem yao?”Guo Jing way: “Rong son call me knock of.”Huang yaoshi thought: “silly boy is a silly boy after all.”Stretch a hand to pull open ouyang childe ear to cover the silk scarf, say: “on internal merit is Guo Shi elder brother strong some, but WHAT I just take an examination of is temperament, that is ouyang shi elder brother brained much, so, this two people be equal, I again give a topic, let two elder brothers win a decisive battle.”Ouyang Feng saw his nephew had lost, he knew he was partial, busy way: “yes, yes, and a match.”Hong Qi gong smile not language, heart way: “the daughter is yours, you love xu to that romantic prodigal son, others also tube not to.Old Beggar hua wants to fight with you, but two hands are no match for four hands. When I invite Lord Duan to help me, I will fight again.””Zhuo Jing and I have only one daughter. Zhuo Jing died while giving birth to her. Now, brother Feng and brother Feng respect each other and come together to ask for marriage.Huang2 rong2 listen to father say here, eye rim already red.Huang went on to say, “This book was written by Zhuo Jing when she was young, and she sent it with great care. Now I invite you two brothers to read it and recite it at the same time. The one who recites it well will marry my daughter to him.”He paused for a moment and saw Hong Qigong with a sneer, then said: “Brother Guo has won many victories, but this book has a lot to do with his brother’s life. My bad thorn died because of this book. Now I wish her to choose her son-in-law in heaven and bless which brother will win.”Hong Qigong could not endure any longer and said: “Huang Lao evil, who listens to your nonsense?You know I act silly, impassable poetry, but to test his endorsement, but also the dead woman moved out scary, good don’t know harm impetuous!”Big sleeve flick, turn around and walk.Huang2 yao3 shi sneer 1, say: “seven elder brother, you want to arrive peach blossom island to show off power, still have to learn a few years kung fu again.”Hong seven public stop turn around, double eyebrow one Yang, way: “how?”Huang yaoshi said, “You don’t know the magic of the five elements. If YOU don’t have my permission, you can’t get out of the island.”Hong seven public way: “I a fire light your smelly flower smelly tree.”Huang yaoshi said: “If you have the ability, burn it to see.”Huang Rong her mother is really fierce, all dead for more than ten years, but also the whole storm.The third examination question is to take an examination of huang Rong her mother to recite the scriptures written silently.Is this a school lesson?There is recitation, and there is writing.The problem is that Guo Jing is afraid that the word is not complete, he also needs to copy the words, write words.Well, I wouldn’t say totally biased.Who let huang Yaoshi home is the book rhyme ink fragrance, the somebody else is both civil and military.If you want to be his son-in-law, you have to be familiar with his rules.It was just obvious that the rules were not good for Guo jing.Hong Qigong’s response has been predicted guo Jing is lost.He even asked the duke to help the fight after all thought.If the South Emperor comes, it will be a situation of equal strength.Huang Yaoshi this test is not good for Guo Jing, naturally beneficial to Ouyang Ke.Then the evil of East and poison of west naturally line up.It would be fun if Nandi and Beigai formed an alliance.It was fun, but after that, it was at best a draw.Are you bringing in the Avatar again?Or, bring a skeleton, dead for more than a decade.So, the five must remove the avatar, all want to fire, to fight, to nest in the opposite?Ok, continue tomorrow!2021 December 21