Promote the construction of internal trainers to help the transformation and development of rural commercial banks

2022-09-04 0 By

Xiaoyi agri-businesses Banks seriously implement the provincial association general requirements, the construction of the cadre staff of perfecting the education training system, enhance the cadres staff overall quality, recently issued “the shanxi xiaoyi rural commercial bank co., LTD., internal trainer management measure (trial)”, and organized by the human resources department on the weekly meeting on the way to a detailed interpretation.The management measures standardize the selection and management of internal trainers from the aspects of admission and withdrawal, grade assessment process, assessment management and so on.The head office called on the whole bank to actively respond to Secretary Wang Ya, “in order to build a loyal, clean, responsible team, to comprehensively strengthen the study and training, armed with scientific theory and professional knowledge of the mind, improve better, stronger professional skills.To truly cultivate more comrades into experts familiar with the situation “, fully understand the important role of education and training in promoting the steady development of operation and management, actively participate in the education and training work, reserve high-quality teachers for the transformation and development of our bank.Source: Xiaoyi Rural Commercial Bank