Is Suyu the best at fighting?Three wild, four wild record data will tell you

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In 1961, Montgomery praised the chairman as a masterful military strategist, especially in the Huai Hai Campaign.The chairman was very modest and said, “Among my comrade-in-arms, there is one who is the best at leading troops in battle. His name is Su Yu. He was in command of the Huaihai Campaign and he is also from Hunan.”Why would you say that to an international friend?In addition to chairman modesty, the following statistics are more telling.Three wild, four wild for comparison, because people think: Lin Biao and Su Yu is a bright, not equal.First, the quality of the army is three wild excellent or four wild better?A, sanye’s old base: in September 1945, the army headquarters of the New Fourth Army led the main force to move north to Shandong and the remaining troops in Shandong. The group or the Three East Field Army, under the jurisdiction of the first and second columns and the seventh and eighth divisions.In November, the units of the New Fourth Army remaining in central China formed the Central China Field Army, with the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth columns under its command.The two field armies numbered more than 110,000 men.B, the fields of old foundation: 1, are the main forces of the eighth route army in shandong, sixty thousand, 2, thirty thousand people, the new fourth army main force, 3, 359 brigade 2 team original the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region, police brigade, taught brigade nearly 10000 people, four, jidong, the eighth route army first into the northeast army, five forces, lu zhengcao, 6, from all the base areas of customs sent to northeast 100 league cadres and backbone,The total number is over 100,000.Two, the number of annihilated enemy :(unit: ten thousand)246/180 sanye occupy superior three, the number of enemy killed :(unit: ten thousand)79/30 and the number of defection uprising :(unit: ten thousand)21/51 Sanye killed the number of enemy greatly more than the four wild, and the number of defection uprising is very few, indicating that the battles of sanye are hard battles, fierce battles.For example, the 74th Division, the 5th army and the 18th Army were the kuomintang’s “five strongest forces”, and the Huang Po-tao Corps were all very strong.(Of course, it can also be interpreted as not fighting, so there are many casualties.)A, Siye Linbiao :1, Longgang ambushbattle: 40 thousand to 100 thousand, annihilated 12 thousand enemy, 2, Huangpi ambushbattle: 70 thousand to 160 thousand, captured more than 10 thousand enemy, 3, red 4 regiment A day and night high-speed March 240 li, only with 22 people then captured Luding Bridge, across the Tiandanger Dadu River, can be called A miracle.Of course, Lin Biao and the central command organs together, must be cautious, dare not easily risk, must attack bike, the battle will win!B. Sanye Suyu :1. Huangqiao Battle :7000(2000 is the old, the weak, the invalid and the new recruits) to 30,000, killed and captured 11,000 people of the Korean Department; 2. Central Soviet Battle: 30,000 to 120,000, seven battles and seven victories, killed 53,000 people; 3. Laiwu Battle: 190,000 to 310,000, killed more than 40,000 people in 3 days (some people say that the killing of pigs in 3 days is not complete).4, Meng Lianggu campaign: 270,000 to 450,000, with the “black tiger heart” tactics, surrounded by the enemy, wipe out the whole 74 division of more than 30,000 people.5, eastern Henan campaign: 200,000 to 250,000, 20 day and night annihilation of more than 90,000 people, in addition, we are most familiar with the “Huaihai Campaign” of 600,000 to 800,000, annihilation of 555,000 people.In February 1953, Chen Yi accompanied Chairman Suyu to the north by train. On the way, he passed Xuzhou and Jinan, both of which were places where Suyu fought.The chairman felt deeply and said, “Su Yu can fight and lead troops.”When they passed xuzhou, the chairman said, “In the Huaihai Campaign, Su Yu performed the first meritorious service.””Talent, general, shuai.”After Jinan, the chairman sighed again.Chen Yi smiled and said, “Su Yu is Fan Kuai.”Hearing this, the chairman felt unhappy: “Su Yu, he is not Fan Kuai, he is not Han Xin, and MAO Zedong is not Liu Bang.Su Yu is Su Yu, a general of the People’s Liberation Army, a good son of the people!”The chairman praised Su Yu for many times. When he went out to meet her in Chengnanzhuang, he said that su Yu was the best fighter among his comrades. As the chairman had experienced it himself, he had the best say.