Is Baymax warm?Are the safeguards up to speed?The reporter connects provincial people’s hospital nucleic acid detection team member

2022-09-04 0 By

In recent days, Hangzhou has turned on the cryogenic quick-freezing mode, which has brought a lot of troubles to baymax who conducted nucleic acid tests for citizens outdoors.Their hands were cracked and swollen with chilblains from the cold and the exhaustion of their hands.Hangzhou yesterday a heavy snow, is more worrying, big white people wear enough warm, security measures to keep up?Now, the reporter connected the provincial people’s hospital in Fuyang nucleic acid monitoring team.The 300-member team, led by Ge Minghua, president of the provincial People’s Hospital, set out early yesterday morning to conduct nucleic acid tests on the streets of fuyang.With the team set out with more than boxes of supplies, including warm baby, protective shoe covers, today, the front staff told reporters, today and new disposable rain boots, cotton pants, and increase the number of warm baby rations.At the same time, more people in the nucleic acid testing at the same time, brought warmth and blessings to the medical staff.A boy of about 10 years old sent a special hand-warming treasure to the medical staff, and his hand-stitched heart-warming coat was on the outside of the thermos.Some residents bring hot water from different bottles in their homes to warm the hands of medical workers.The provincial people’s hospital health management center doctor MAO Runyue said: “today, hand warmers, stoves, windshields, everything.”After the sampling, the community quickly brought a brazier for the team to keep warm and ate a hot lunch. Xie Beibei, a nurse from the Provincial People’s Hospital, said, “Although the weather is very cold, our hearts are warm!”Wu Wenjing, head nurse of Ward 1-15 of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, and Luo Xiaopan, deputy director of the Anesthesiology Department, are a couple of doctors and nurses supporting the nucleic acid testing team in Fuyang.Before leaving for Fuyang, Wu wenjing just finished a four-day nucleic acid test mission in Binjiang District.But at this time, the mother-in-law doing housework accidentally fell, causing shoulder fracture.To be honest, I had a moment of hesitation when I saw the news that my community had applied for the nucleic acid test in Fuyang on New Year’s Eve.My mother broke her lumbar spine in a fall in early January, and now my mother-in-law has broken her shoulder. We have no one to take care of our two children, aged five and 12.”Talking about this, Wu Wenjing was a little choked up, “but it is the responsibility of every medical staff to support nucleic acid testing, we must not drag the organization back!My family is very supportive and my husband is actively applying.””That affirmation, total can’t be by wife than bottom go down, more can’t let wife Spring Festival a person outside, thank the organization arrange our husband and wife to the same group.”Luo xiaofan said with a smile, “Now I can’t hire my aunt either, so I can only ask my sister to come home and take care of the old man and the child. Fortunately, the two children are sensible enough to stay at home without crying or making noise when their parents go to fight ‘monster’.In nucleic acid testing, Wu Wenjing, as the leader of point 3, is responsible for the overall management of the entire group of 30 medical staff, while Luo Xiaopan is responsible for nucleic acid sampling.Despite two days of rain and snow, local people occasionally brought the medical staff firepans, hot water, warm babies and snacks.Fearing that medical workers could get frostbitten hands, residents filled their empty bottles and jars with hot water and sent them to the collection sites to be held by medical workers.”Sometimes it’s so cold that it’s hard to screw on the plastic bottle cap of the collection tube,” Luo said. “But it really warms my heart to see the warm-hearted actions of nearby residents.”