Five types of inferior tea that a connoisseur would never buy, each more fake than the last, are all pits

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“1” often hear people talk about, if life is only as seen at first.Generally speaking, the first scene, bearing too many unforgettable meaning.Pre-qin “Book of Songs” has written: “There are wild vines, zero dew 漙 xi.There is a beautiful person, pure and graceful xi.”What an unforgettable experience!Sima Xiangru of the Han Dynasty, the earliest in the pursuit of Zhuo Wenjun, without any reservation, overnight wrote a disgusting “Phoenix seeking the Phoenix”.”There is a beauty whom I cannot forget.I haven’t seen you for a day.Bai Juyi of tang Dynasty, although he later xiaoxiao sasa, left embrace right embrace.Left a “cherry fan plain mouth”, right a “willow small waist”, but he was in the treatment of first love, there are also deep feelings hurt.”Pingting fifteen wins tianxian, the day er dryland lotus.Where idle teach parrot language, green screen window embroidery bed before.”I think there’s too much information in the first face.Because not get and have lost, will make a person not put down!When it comes to buying tea, many tea lovers do the same — they only care about the first impression.As long as you close your eyes and the price meets your expectations, go for it.However, under impulse consumption, after the freshness of the first sight, many tea guests will secretly regret it.”Oh, why did I choose this one?”A lot of people have similar mental processes.For this, a new tea friends specifically mentioned in the private letter.”Can you judge the grade or quality of the tea by looking at the color of the tea just at the first glance?”That’s a long story.For beginners, complicated rules and standards are not always easy to remember.But the following five types of “fake” tea, it is not difficult to learn, or a lot of caution for good!2. First, according to the industry standard of Golden Junmei black tea, the appearance color of Golden Junmei is gold, yellow and black, with black as the main color.However, the yellow yellow bud and golden junmei of the bud head are too fake at first sight. It is easy to distinguish and identify from the appearance of dried tea.The story of yellow bud jin Jun mei is complicated.Its origin, is not produced in Tongmu Mountain.Its species is not suitable for making golden junmei.Its craft, also with tongmu local processing jin Jun mei, slightly different.Such a variety of, lead to the yellow bud golden junmei and genuine when put together, shape difference is very far.Not only that, they in the tea aroma, tea taste, charm on the performance, is very different.So to speak, inside and out do not look alike!However, this kind of tea opportunistic, is to create the illusion of “jin Jun mei is the appearance of the more gold, the better”.Just began to contact the novice Jin Jun mei, easy to be deceived.But as long as a little experienced tea guest, can see it is “a fake”!Second, the black old white tea cake is falsely marked as old old white tea, which is a typical example of fake white tea.According to the standard established in the circle, white tea can become old tea only after being stored for more than 3 years.In general, the older the white tea, the scarcer the stock.Considering that since entering modern times, white tea has been popular for a limited time.As early as ten or twenty years ago, white tea in the tea circle belongs to the existence of a small number of people, few people know, production is limited.Few white tea produced in those days can be properly and standardized stored and retained to this day.After several years of market consumption, these precious old tea resources drink a jin, reduce a jin, it is impossible to keep “replenishment”.When you are buying tea, you must pay more attention to the cheap and discount sale of more than ten years old white tea.Old tea cheap sale, too does not accord with commercial logic, things impermanent there will be demon!Besides, when you buy tea, at the end of the day, it’s about quality.On the contrary, the old white tea that those artificial make old fake comes out, plastic surgery trace is obvious.For example, the tea cake color dark, with black brown, yellow brown, coffee color and other features.For instance, leaf color is black and brown, look aged autumn, but the bud head of one side can maintain the exterior of new silvery white however, such incongruous contrast color, look have false.For example, after boiling, the aroma is weak, the taste is single, and the soup sense is very thin.Even if it is not old, its raw material quality and processing technology, as well as post-storage are more or less problematic, not worth buying!4. Third, wuyi Rock tea with obvious tea stem had a bubble of daffodils in my friend’s house before.The bubble in the black bubble bag of the old cluster, intuitive feeling inside the bulge.Cut and poured out, sure enough, the rope is very thick.The friend was very proud and further introduced: “It is a hundred years old tea bushes, picked down the leaves are said to be as big as a hand.”But as he was about to smell the dry tea, he looked down.Immediately saw the tea under, impressively with two or three thick old tea stalks.The brown and yellow stalks of old tea are quite obvious against the soot black cables.The stalk is half an inch long and the fiber is old and hard to pinch.I looked at the cable again, and I felt something was wrong.For his cords are strong enough, but not tight enough.Very much say a bit coarse loose, it is tea to pick obviously too old!Seeing this, I immediately felt bad.Although wuyi rock tea is picked together with leaves and tea stems, the tea stems and old leaves need to be specially removed before the end of green cooking and roasting.And so obvious tea stem, when eliminating actually can become a fish through the net!As you can imagine, the makers of this tea didn’t pay much attention to the sorting process.Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake.Put that together, and it’s entirely reasonable to speculate that the tea was picked with lax standards.What is more, there are deliberately old, pretending to be old cong suspicion.Such raw materials are not fine, pick not fine, rough work wuyi rock tea, of course, is not worth buying!Fourth, “white peony” with fewer buds than leaves once saw a tea friend drying the third-grade white peony he just received, and was particularly satisfied with its price.I quote, it’s cheaper than a birthday eyebrow. Got it!But after looking at the pictures posted by the other party, I couldn’t help laughing.Tea friends encounter tea shopkeeper, is not willing to lose money to earn.But very clever, know how to change the concept.Will conceal, distract, peach generation of li and other strategies, make incisively and vividly.Because do not have to look closely can see, its product phase is not as good as a life eyebrow!The bud head is thin and small.Ye Zhang is very large and round in shape.And, among them, a small amount of tea is one bud and two leaves, and most of the rest are one bud and three leaves.How can such tea be white peony??According to the national standard, white peony is a white tea product made from one bud or two leaves of white or narcissus tea tree as raw materials through withering, drying, picking and picking and other specific processes.Circle the key points, white peony tea picking requirements are one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves.However, the leaves are large and the bud heads are small, and the leaves are obviously more than the bud heads. The “white peony” with the sense of bud head can hardly be found in the whole picture.Clearly is to hang sheep’s head, sell dog meat!Fifth, the red to black Lapsang Souchong has a certificate of origin.Wuyishan National Nature Reserve with Tongmu as its core is the core place of origin.From now on the output of tea, can be named zheng Shan, otherwise are not authentic.When buying Lapsang Souchong black tea, there are many ways to tell the difference between Lapsang and Waisan.Can see producing area to mark, the black tea that other place, province produces, affirmation cannot embezzle a name directly.You can see the price level, less than 100 yuan on the market can get a catty, half catty, must be false.You can see the appearance of the dried tea. The dried tea of Lapsan Xiao Kind is mainly dark brown and chestnut black, which looks yellow and is not genuine.You can smell tea, lapsang is generally fragrant with fruit, nectar, longan fragrance, tea elegant.And the mountain smoke that adds smoke specially is small kind of smoke, smell pine smoke is chic and slow, return in addition regular meeting companion has dry fruit sweet, sweet, flower sweet to wait.No matter how you look at it, what smells like sweet potato is not the characteristic of Tung wood black tea.You can taste and distinguish the taste of Lapsang Souchong tea, which requires that it be mellow, pure, smooth and fresh.The taste of fresh and mellow soup is far better than that of ordinary black tea. When drinking tea, the characteristics of longan soup in the soup are obvious. The tea taste is sweet, smooth and delicate, and the aftertaste lasts long, especially refreshing.You can see the color of the tea soup, Lapsang Souchong black tea, the color of the soup is mainly orange red, orange yellow, the tea soup should be bright and shiny, not dark or turbid.Looks like the tea soup dark red, red to dark dark tea soup, 100% is not Lapsang Sang!The process of choosing tea is like climbing a mountain.However, many people will find climbing too difficult and stop at the first step.It’s wrong to give up before you even try.And in the tea circle, many zero-based new tea customers, when choosing tea also have a “fear of difficulties” mentality.Feel the kind of tea, classification, pay attention to is really too complicated.So simply open up, choose, look at the eye of the start.In fact, to avoid buying tea when stepping on pit, those “one false” tea is not difficult to distinguish from the appearance.Nine times out of ten, you can spot something right away.In order to buy the right tea, the usual process is as follows: first look at the appearance, then identify the color, aroma and taste of the tea.I’m going to go all the way up.Eventually, nature will make it to the top!More knowledge about tea do old tea, inferior, deterioration of tea tea, listen to Chen village, the three performance of white tea don’t drink any more Gas is weak, loose tea tea tea tea gas is strong, your cognition of white tea tea gas, hidden inferior tea disguise Overnight, strong tea, tea, cold tea inferior tea, meet the 4 kinds of black tea please detour, (don’t drink it Become black tea, green tea flavor, rock tea charcoal flavour,The taste of white tea warehouse, these inferior tea signal should be put away, tasteless, strong and astringent, these three inferior white tea taste password, can you identify?Original is not easy, if you think this article is helpful to you, please help to like.Pay attention to learn more about white tea and rock tea!Gu Chen is a columnist and chief writer of the original innovative media “Xiao Chen Tea” in the tea industry. 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