Changzhi Folk Tales

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Emperor Lianying jinling (now Nanjing) Imperial Tomb in a stone tablet there is a Ming Dynasty third emperor Zhu Di specially for the emperor lianying wrote a poem: imperial system of Loyalty poem of Min Jinchuan did not defend Jinglong City, knock on the horse zhuangzai Emperor Shiying.The first audience on the first enthronement, Yang Rong is not even love.According to historical records, Lian Ying died of zhu Di’s knife, why did he give the dead to write poems to show off?Lian Ying was born in the last years of the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1352). His ancestral home was Yangzehe Village, Xiangyuan, Shanxi.Although his father died when he was young, li’s mother had a good education, and he was studious and had deep literary attainments.In 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming Dynasty. In the fifth year (1372), he achieved the highest score in the township examination and was highly regarded by emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.Later he succeeded to the post of prince Zandu (the teacher of the emperor’s successor).Emperor’s grandson Zhu Yunwen (son of the late prince Zhu Biao) was entrusted to lian Ying, who was only twenty-six years old, and was respected by all officials in the court.Zhu yuanzhang had 26 sons. In order to consolidate zhu’s rule, 24 of them were granted the title of “vassal Kings”, guarding all parts of the country. Their power was below that of the emperor and above that of the Dukes.When Lian Ying was appointed as prince Zandu, he was appointed as the imperial historian as factionalism intensified due to the fact that many military attaches had been killed during Zhu Yuanzhang’s ten years in power.Lian thanked the emperor and Zhao Ren left.Some of the civil and military officials laughed at his demotion is still happy, silly;Some say he’s happy to have a job, Han;Some write book table sympathize with, some see him off unjustly……But he said to his colleagues: “The emperor is the eyes and ears of the emperor, the support of the people, the responsibility of the people in the correction, punishment and good, exciting turbidities Yang qing, only loyal and upright people can be competent, this is your majesty’s incomparable trust in me.”He served twenty-three years, patrol the city, patrol the sea, hold the river, hold the warehouse, due diligence, dealing with corrupt officials is not difficult to avoid risks, for the benefit of the people.Because of his monopoly, Zhu Yuanzhang praised him as “loyal and shot”, highly praised his loyalty to the court, obey the law, will correct violator, decisive manner.In 1399, Zhu Yuanzhang died and was succeeded by his eldest grandson, Zhu Yun, as Emperor Jianwen.After Jianwen ascended the throne, “vassal Kings” around the uncle, ostensibly listen to orders, but secretly plot to usurp the throne.In particular, Zhu Di, the King of Yan, was stationed in Peiping and fought with the Mongols for a long time.In view of the lesson that all the queens enthroned in the past dynasties either formed separate states or competed for the central power, lian Ying and others put forward the policy of “cutting down vassal states” and advocated reducing vassal states’ powers as soon as possible in order to achieve the long-term stability, unity and unity of the country.Emperor Jianwen accepted his advice and issued the edict that the prince should not control the military officials. Moreover, he demoted the vassals of Kaifeng, Jingzhou and Datong, who were brothers and sisters of The King of Yan, to the people, and then arranged to overthrow the King of Yan.The King of Yan openly rebelled, put forward the slogan of “The King’s side of Qing dynasty”, and unleashed his troops to the south.So war broke out among the Chu family.Lian Ying in order to calm the war as soon as possible, the post of the imperial history dong Yong, etc., called in the court officials to study countermeasures, and said who should have a double heart to The Emperor Jianwen, from the most severe torture, stability of the dynasty.In 1420 AD, The King of Yan Zhu Di soldiers to Nanjing Jinchuan gate, gate general Gu Wang Sui, Cao Duke Li Jinglong open the door to welcome the surrender, Jinchuan fell.Lian Ying stood on the position of “cutting the policy of vassal states” and directly knocked at the front of Yan’s king and horse, saying: “It is faithful to usurp the king by the minister.Is it true that a nephew is benevolent?Is it filial to enthrone the former emperor?”Rebuked Zhu Di in person for disregarding law and discipline, even if he seized the world, he could not govern the country.The King of Yan was furious and ordered Lian ying beheaded.Lian Ying looked death in the face and was generous to the punishment.When the executioner struck the head off with his sword, a wisp of white air rose into the air, and the head fell to the ground.Those present are appalled, Zhu Di saw, panicked, busy life attendants burn incense offerings, the dead fell.Nanjing was captured, and Emperor Jianwen’s whereabouts were unknown. Fang Kaoru and Bao Zhao, who were unwilling to submit to the King of Yan, and dozens of other ministers were killed, and the nine ethnic groups were executed.From then on, Yan King Zhu Di is the emperor.Kill the prince even jacaranda claims such as “cutting Francisco” secretary, after the move to Peiping, see those who turn one’s weapon around in the courtier, made him restless, enemy jinchuan door, Li Jinglong goal not to open the door and drop, attendants Yang Rong nephew drive, not set fire to burn the house to meet me before, with the first ancestor worship or a words, please to me, these countries break jun wu regardless, suck up to people,How can I be preserved for generations?Thinking of their own “vassal king” weight to win the world, if not cut vassal states, jiangshan will not be guaranteed, had to carry out lianying “cut vassal policy”.So, Zhu Di for “poetry of Loyalty to Benjamin” praise Yang Lianying honest and upright, under the imperial edict to his fiendom to build a shrine, even the descendants add official Jinlu, Li Jinglong, Yang Rong generation to the murderer.Although The Ming Emperor Zhu Dilianying died, his policy of reducing vassal states did not die. He played a positive role in the stability and unification of the country, which was also an important guarantee for the governance of the country and the security of the people when Zhu Di was in power.