Another Chinese technology has been invented and put into use to benefit the world. The US is anxious: Let China take the lead

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The world is not only facing the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the increasing number of natural disasters in recent years, which makes us more aware of the urgency of protecting the earth’s ecological environment.Soil erosion, land desertification and other problems have been troubling all countries in the world, and China is one of the countries with serious desertification hazards in the world, desertification area has reached 2.62 million square kilometers, accounting for 27% of the land area, with the passage of time is still expanding.We all know the harm of desertification, more than one meter of desert must be less than one meter of land.It is because China is suffering from desertification that our country has long been aware of this problem.Many years ago, our country began to plant trees to prevent desertification.China in the long-term fight against desertification, after continuous attempts, finally invented a black technology, can turn the desert into an oasis, so far the effect can be said to be very significant.The inventor of this black technology is Yi Zhijian, a professor of mechanics in China.The United States, as a developed country in science and technology, began to worry when they saw that Our country had this black technology. They said that China was leading again, and American enterprises would lose their jobs.Professor Yi zhijian studied solid mechanics in college and taught at Chongqing Jiaotong University, where he began to work with concrete and other materials.After years of research, he found that it is possible to change the mechanical state of sand, if you change the mechanical state of sand can provide conditions for plant growth.After putting forward this idea, Professor Yi Zhijian led his team to begin formal research.Yi zhijian’s team’s experiments in desert areas have expanded from the initial 25 mu to nearly 20,000 mu by 2021, and some “sand-to-soil” experiments have even been carried out in the Middle East and Africa, all of which are their achievements in more than ten years.The method used by Yi zhijian’s team is to hold the desert together with “glue”, not the kind we normally use.It’s a plant fiber binder extracted from plants. It’s similar to glue. When you pour it into the desert and mix it with water, it binds the sand together, giving it the same sticky texture as soil.The use of this glue sand has the same characteristics as the soil, water is not easy to lose, water penetration rate is slow, not like the sand without “glue”, water loss is particularly fast and easy to evaporate.Inner Mongolia’s Ulan Buhe desert is using this “glue”, after more than a year of governance, the desert of 25 acres of yellow sand has become an oasis, now 25 acres of experimental scale has expanded to more than 4000 acres, in addition to planting vegetation, but also opened up more than 20 acres of arable land.Thus, “desert glue” can not only solve environmental problems, but also promote economic development, which is really a great cause benefiting the country and the people.It can not only help desertification land in China, but also have a profound impact on global desert control.No wonder even the United States has to worry, yi Zhijian team’s “glue” is really a miracle of desert governance, such experts are the real experts we ordinary people need!Let us praise the scientific workers who do practical things for the people!