After losing 500,000 yuan, he still chose to follow the “master” investment

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On April 21, 2021, Mr. Zhang reported to lizhou District Branch of The Public Security Bureau of Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, that he had been cheated of nearly 900,000 yuan in investment fraud.After questioning, the police learned that Mr. Zhang was inexplicably pulled into a group in February 2021. In addition to some retail investors like Mr. Zhang, there was also a “Teacher Wu” who claimed to be a professional lecturer in finance and economics.According to Mr. Wu’s analysis and guidance, Mr. Zhang made several stock transactions and gained some gains.Many retail investors in the group also posted messages from time to time, saying that they had made money according to teacher Wu’s instructions, which strengthened Mr. Zhang’s trust in Teacher Wu.During the chat, “Teacher Wu” said that he and his team were working on an option with a good return, but retail investors were not allowed to participate.So Mr. Zhang contact “Teacher Wu”, please “Teacher Wu” take him to invest.Later, “Teacher Wu” to Mr. Zhang sent “Manager Liu” wechat.After adding the wechat account of “manager liu”, Mr. Zhang downloaded the App named “sse 50ETF options” according to the introduction of “manager liu”.”Manager Liu” and “Teacher Wu” said that if they invest with “Teacher Wu”, they should start with at least 500,000 yuan in their personal accounts.If there is a loss, it has nothing to do with “Teacher Wu”. If there is a profit, “Teacher Wu” will take 20% commission.Zhang thought it was acceptable and added 500,000 yuan to his account the day after he registered.Unexpectedly, a few days later, the loss of 500,000 yuan.”Teacher Wu’s” assistant Ye Ye “explained that it was teacher Wu’s operation error this time, and she suggested That Mr. Zhang make additional investment to try to earn back the 500,000 yuan he lost last time.Because during the investment period, Mr. Zhang had taken out 10,000 yuan from the platform, coupled with the trust and expectation of “Teacher Wu”, Mr. Zhang continued to invest 400,000 yuan.After another two days, Zhang found that the account amount had changed from 400,000 yuan to more than 1 million yuan.Delighted, Mr. Zhang wanted to withdraw the principal, but at this time, the platform has been showing that the audit is not approved, consulting customer service and “Manager Liu” and other people are making excuses.Mr. Zhang felt something was wrong and chose to call the police.Zhang said he invested a total of 900,000 yuan twice, and his actual loss was 890,000 yuan, excluding the 10,000 yuan he got back.Not coincidentally, after zhang was swindled, his colleague xie also reported that he had been swindled out of nearly 4 million yuan by the sse 50ETF options financial platform.According to Mr Zhang and Mr Xie’s encounter, the police speculate that this may be a “killing pig dish” financial fraud.The financial platform used by the victim may be fake software made by the criminal suspect. In the early stage, the wechat group entered by Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xie should also be established by the criminal gang in advance.Intricate relationship vein is to solve a case as soon as possible, police separate action, a group of investigators to investigate the flow of funds to investigate first, the money of the victim through a number of private bank cards, through many times of transfer, finally flow to the outside of the “hui wang pay” platform.Another group of police investigated the social media accounts used by the suspect and found that the wechat accounts of three people, “Assistant Ye Ye” of “Teacher Wu” and “manager Liu” who opened an account in Shanghai, were registered by minors in Chengde city, Hebei Province.Police arrived in Chengde, Hebei province, and found the minors, who had sold the wechat accounts online.Following clues, the police learned that the accounts had been bought by a person nicknamed “Jiu Ren” on QQ.Through the transfer records, the police identified a man surnamed Chen in Huojia County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province.At the same time, the police also on the “Shanghai 50ETF” network server dig, find out the rent payment of the server, is before the police have mastered the Henan Province xinxiang City harvest County Chen.Subsequently, the police immediately set out to investigate the case in Xinxiang city, Henan Province.Through the row, the police found out that Chen mou and his cousin Chen Mou Chao, as well as the hall sister-in-law Chen Mou Jie contact is very close, three people also often have abnormal capital exchanges.During the investigation, police also found that Chen and Chen frequently visited a room on the 16th floor of Baolong Square in Xinxiang City, Henan Province.According to the property, the room was rented by Yan Yumu, and there were some young people working in the room.After investigation, Yan mou rich and these young people have fraud record.And on the day Mr Zhang called the police, they fled.19 suspects arrive at the case On April 28, 2021, the task force police synchronously closed the net, a total of 19 people arrested Chen, Chen Chao, Chen Jie and other funds recovered more than 1 million yuan, the police also found a large number of mobile phones, computers and other equipment used in the crime.To bill, “Mr Wu” and “assistant under” star Chen bin, yu xia account, because they know some knowledge of stocks, in early 2021, a stranger suddenly contact them, that they need to live webcast, lecturer do investment and ask Chen bin to Wu Mou the identity of a lecture, so they joined the fraud ring.Recently, Chen and other people suspected of fraud, help information network crime and other charges, lizhou District people’s Procuratorate in Guangyuan City, Sichuan province, filed a public prosecution, the court is further hearing the case.Wish more people to be able to guard against the string, beware of telecom fraud, protect their property.Q1: What are the experiences of Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xie being cheated worth summarizing and alerting?How do we avoid falling for the same scam?A1: This is a typical investment “killing pig dish” fraud.The criminal suspect obtains the victim’s trust by the professional image consultant, and then carries out fraud on the false investment platform.So our prevention can also be carried out from these two aspects, one is to verify the true identity of investment advisers, many well-known, formal investment advisers, he will not randomly recommend stocks to people on the Internet, charge commission, or even directly help people operate.So if we are required to provide the account password, there must be a problem.Second, the fake investment platform of fraud gang cannot be listed on the app store, so if we get some investment platform on the Internet by scanning the QR code, or clicking the link to log in, we must be careful.Q2: The investigation into the flow of money has reached a dead end. Should the criminal suspect get off scot-free?A2: “Telecom network fraud crime” this form of crime, indeed to the investigation and solving the work of a great challenge.However, as long as it is a criminal act, no matter it is a criminal act in offline physical space or online virtual space, there will be traces of material evidence.In addition to the fund flow, there are also information about the suspects’ login and registration of their accounts on the Internet, information flow of communication with the victims, and personnel flow of communication between gang members, all of which are clues and evidence for our investigation and investigation.In addition, our public security organs are also constantly digging deep technical potential, innovative tactics, and constantly improve the detection rate and recovery rate of network telecom fraud.Q3: What work should be carried out next, to attack and prevent telecom network fraud crime according to law?A3: For “telecom network fraud crime”, the first is to take the initiative to defend, through big data analysis, take the initiative to identify suspicious funds, suspicious numbers, suspicious accounts and suspicious platforms.Second, based on the coordinated linkage mechanism between public security organs, banks, financial institutions and telecom network operators, to achieve rapid response.Thirdly, it is necessary to strengthen the governance of network black ash industry and the attack and treatment of money laundering crime, so as to achieve the source governance and comprehensive governance.Q4: Do you think there is anything to be improved in terms of laws and regulations?A4: in order to strengthen management of blow “telecom network fraud crime” of the legal protection, the standing committee of the National People’s Congress last year examined the telecom network fraud laws of the People’s Republic of China (draft), the core of this draft is to be set up across the enterprise as a whole, across the company’s unified monitoring system, and strengthen the governance of wade cheat industry.I believe that such a special anti-fraud law, will make the relevant organs, institutions, enterprises more clear responsibilities, so that the relevant anti-fraud measures have more solid legal protection, so that the anti-fraud measures into effect.Edit | close (internship) maintenance | editor li zhao meaning word | | xiu-min wang case source anti cheat series “statement today” Spring Festival “follow” master “investment” “finance” master “face” reporter | kuo hui lo Shao-peng li