Zhejiang issued snowstorm risk tips!Attention, hangzhou expressway is closed to some vehicles

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The rain continued to fall,Low temperature years ago the final days of the cold magic attacks struck in 2022, zhejiang first large-scale rain and snow weather in according to the meteorological department forecast in the near future to the lunar New Year holiday there will be three rounds a wide range of rain and snow weather yesterday after midnight to zhejiang huzhou this morning already scattered light snow or sleet and northern hangzhou linan, fuyang mountain snow is obvious to eight snow linan source of taihu lakeBaisha village 3 cm, 2 cm tianchi, fuyang on top 1 cm moganshan mountain snow this year to the strongest rain and snow is underway in zhejiang friends expect serious snow will be arranged on the curtain of the snowfall process beginning today in the next seven days in rain and snow weather process twice this two days have a friend travel plans need to pay attention to traffic safety in a timely manner to adjust stroke in zhejiang province meteorological observatory issued a blizzardRisk warning At 16 o ‘clock on January 27, zhejiang meteorological station issued a risk warning of blizzard, 11 o ‘clock today zhejiang again issued a risk warning of blizzard.As of 11 o ‘clock at noon on January 28, Zhejiang issued 14 warning information, including one warning of the risk of snowstorm.At 11 o ‘clock on January 28, zhejiang meteorological Station issued a snowstorm risk warning: this evening to the night, there will be sleet or light snow in north Zhejiang;Snow in parts of the western mountains, some snow.There will be sleet or snow in north Zhejiang tomorrow, some of which will be moderate snow, and there will be heavy snowstorm in mountainous areas.There will be sleet or snow from the evening to the night in the southern part of Zhejiang, and medium to heavy snow in the mountainous areas.In the recent rainy and snowy weather in Our province, especially in the mountainous area of northwest China, there is obvious snow and freezing. It is necessary to prevent the adverse impact of low-temperature rain and snow, frozen mountain roads and low visibility on the Spring Festival transportation, urban operation, energy supply protection, facility agriculture and epidemic prevention and control.A number of departments in Zhejiang made emergency preparations for cold weather: Due to rain and snow, road snow, low temperature and freezing, and low visibility had a negative impact on Spring Festival transportation, urban operation, energy supply protection, facility agriculture and epidemic prevention and control.Hangzhou highway traffic police remind affected by snow hangzhou highway to ban some vehicles to pass hangzhou meteorological station forecast 28 afternoon to 30 morning Hangzhou has an obvious rain and snow weather process.Today (28th) morning around 7 o ‘clock in the morning hangzhou area highway mountain sections began to snow, at 8:30 in the morning Hangzhou city began to snow.Affected by the snow hangzhou high – speed on part of the vehicle restrictions.1, S14 Hangchang (Yi) highway control measures: because of rainy day, the whole line two passengers and one dangerous, engineering vehicles, heavy transport vehicles are restricted.2, S43 west double route control measures: due to rainy day, two passengers and one dangerous line, construction vehicles, heavy transport vehicles are restricted.3, G2504 hangzhou Eastern route control measures: due to the influence of rainy day, the whole line two passengers and one danger limit.4, G2504 north route control measures: due to rainy day, the whole line of two passengers and one danger limit.5, G25 hangzhou-Ningxia high-speed control measures: because of rainy day affect the whole line (except nanzhuang) two passengers a dangerous limit.6, G92 Hangyong high-speed Hangxiang 201K due to the impact of the accident slow 1 km, a lane traffic.Control measures: Hangzhou to guali imports only allow the passage of passenger cars.7. S2 Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway control measures: due to rainy days, the whole line is restricted to two passengers and one danger.8, S13 Lianhang expressway control measures: because of rainy days affect the whole line of two passengers a dangerous limit.9, S16 Hangzhou-Pudong expressway control measures: due to rainy day, the whole line of two passengers and one dangerous limit.Other highway sections under jurisdiction: the road surface is wet and normal.Hangzhou xiaoshan airport in advance to comb to hangzhou xiaoshan airport flight delays and other emergency for large-area flight delays and in addition to the snow and ice in winter contingency plans targeted to comb, such as further implement perfect large-area flight delays stranded passengers in case of ground settlement, ticket endorsement, accommodation and ground transportation, information release and other service details.Strengthen the reserve of emergency manpower and materials through inspection, sorting out, supplementing and improving.At present, there are 503 emergency rescue personnel at the airport.100 snow transport flatbed vehicles, 30 walking snow machines, 5 multi-functional snow removal vehicles, 11 runway hot blowing snow vehicles, 2 runway cold blowing snow vehicles, 10 aircraft deicing vehicles, 3 deicing fluid sprinklers;Apron snow melt agent 85 tons, road surface deicing fluid 150 tons, industrial salt 150 tons, aircraft deicing fluid 260 tons, aircraft anti-icing fluid 80 tons.According to the Emergency Plan for Meteorological Disasters in Zhejiang Province, zhejiang Meteorological Bureau has launched a level iii emergency response for major meteorological disasters (snowstorm) at 16:00 on January 27, according to the zhejiang Provincial Meteorological Disaster Emergency Plan.To earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, effectively respond to the recent low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, and timely take effective preventive and response measures.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: We attach great importance to the prevention and response of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters.This round of low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather is about to affect Zhejiang, which is interwoven with the current epidemic prevention and control and the Spring Festival travel rush, making the situation of accident and disaster risk prevention and control more severe and complex.Work across all departments to seriously implement the relevant requirements, adhere to the “people first, life is the highest”, resolutely prevent paralysis of thought and luck, in strict accordance with the rain and snow freeze disaster emergency plan, zhejiang province, zhejiang ZhengBan hair [2008] no. 83) and the requirements of relevant departments to plan, clear responsibilities, strengthen organizational leadership, compaction work responsibility, detailed measures,We will strengthen work arrangements and do our best to prevent and respond to cold rain, snow and freezing weather.We will strengthen early warning and forecast, consultation and analysis.Meteorological departments at all levels should pay close attention to meteorological changes, strengthen monitoring, warning and forecasting of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, and timely issue warning signals of meteorological disasters.We should make full use of radio, television, newspapers, the Internet and other media to timely release warning information on low-temperature rain, snow and ice and disaster prevention and avoidance guidelines to ensure that warning information reaches households and people.Local governments, especially Those in Hangzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua and Quzhou, should organize timely consultations on the situation of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters in light of their local work conditions, analyze and determine the risks of natural disasters, and take effective measures to effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Strengthening hidden danger screening and emergency preparedness.All local and local departments concerned should make the protection of people’s livelihood, transportation, power supply, water supply, communications and stability the focus of prevention and response to low-temperature rain, snow and ice disasters, and strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers.Especially for passenger freight, rural roads, sharp steep slope, long deep tunnel, heating supply pipe network of water supply, communications, electric power facilities, tourist attractions, crowded places, distribution and set-up for a bunk, temporary construction, urban and enterprise key screening high-risk devices, such as major hazard installation, in a timely manner to do a good job of maintenance, reinforcement, cold frost, etc.According to the actual situation of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, relevant departments should speed up the development of response plans for “five breaks” (water, power, Internet, road and gas) and “five stops” (suspension of outdoor collective activities, suspension of classes, suspension of work, suspension of business, suspension of transport) and other extreme situations.We will speed up the elaboration and improvement of the mechanisms for prompt response, rapid disposal and coordinated response, with the focus on safe evacuation and evacuation, and strengthen the linkage of emergency response.In light of the characteristics of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters, emergency rescue forces and materials and equipment should be pre-positioned in advance, and all kinds of preparations should be made to deal with emergencies and disasters. Once an emergency occurs, emergency response should be effectively carried out.The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province has issued an urgent notice on agricultural defense work in the low-temperature rain and snow weather.The majority of farmers should timely strengthen greenhouse, livestock and poultry enclosure, aquaculture greenhouse and agricultural machinery warehouse and other facilities, the implementation of shed insulation and safety measures, improve the cold resistance of livestock and poultry.Field management of wheat, vegetables, rapeseed and orchards should be strengthened, ditches should be cleaned in time and heat preservation measures should be taken. In plain areas, the focus should be on preventing floods and soaks of crops, while in mountainous areas, the focus should be on preventing freezing damage.Zhejiang Electric Power Company started level III emergency response for rain, snow and freezing at 9 o ‘clock on January 27th, Zhejiang Electric Power Company of State Grid has started level III emergency response for rain, snow and freezing, carrying out peak-peak winter safety production duty, closely tracking the trend of weather changes, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of power grid.The process and frequent conversion, please pay attention to the latest forecast warning information in time outdoors epidemic prevention and nucleic acid detection of workers to source for the heat preservation measures | zhejiang online