Whimsical!Japan wants rail guns against Russia and China, US pours cold water: No, you can’t

2022-09-03 0 By

When the international situation is in turmoil, the military ambitions of some countries have also been exposed, and Japan, under the strong support of the United States in recent years, has also revealed its Wolf ambitions, and its military expenditure is increasing year after year.According to huanqiu.com, Japan’s military budget for 2022 has reached 5.4 trillion yen, setting a new record in terms of expenditure scale, and marking the eighth consecutive year of increase in military expenditure.In this regard, the relevant people said bluntly, the successive increase in military spending is enough to show Japan’s military ambitions, and the United States as “behind” is also “indispensable”.Recently, Japan has also started to make a big fuss about its military, claiming to develop a “killer” to deal with the threat from China and Russia, only to be poured cold water by the US.According to the Global Times, on January 24, relevant information in the US media shows that Japan is now developing an electromagnetic railgun, which can fire 6 times the speed of sound shells, and can effectively defend against hypersonic missiles.At the same time, the report highlighted that according to Japanese media reports on January 5, the electromagnetic railgun project has been allocated about $56 million in the 2022 military expenditure bill proposed by the Japanese government.Electromagnetic railgun, in fact, as a kind of across the weapons and equipment of The Times, can effectively intercept hypersonic missiles on the battlefield in the future, and compared with other ordinary interception system is concerned, the launch of the weapon and equipment is faster and can carry out continuous shooting, if combined with a long-range missile, then can greatly improve missile interception ability.Japan has been working on an electromagnetic railgun since 2016, and has even developed materials capable of conducting strong electric currents to improve the projectile’s firing speed. The project will continue until 2028.In addition, Japan will continue to develop military technologies for automatic firing and stabilizing the flight of artillery shells in 2022, according to Japanese developers.”Power consumption, cooling, and maneuverability are the main challenges,” said The president of the U.S. Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance. “Even the U.S. has not developed and proven that the railgun can be deployed safely. Can Japan do that?”It’s worth noting that the U.S. Navy abandoned the railgun project in the summer of 2021 after spending about $500 million and a decade on it.In this regard, relevant personnel analysis said, now it seems that Japan can be really fantastic, and now The military strength of China and Russia are all obvious, Japan also naive to think that these small tricks can deal with China and Russia, even if the final really developed this weapon equipment, will be able to effectively resist The Russian missile?Well, not necessarily, considering Russian missiles are something even the United States is afraid of.So for now, Japan would do well to stay on its feet. If it continues to follow America’s lead, it will suffer.