“They both got gold MEDALS. Congratulations to your two best friends!”

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This article was transferred from;What a wonderful friendship!Xu Mengtao won the women’s freestyle skiing aerials final at the Beijing Winter Olympics last night.From last night to now, we moved to the dream girl for many years, the start of the gymnastics Xu Mengtao 4, 12, practicing freestyle skiing, she has experienced too many injuries, also have a lot of regret, but in the end that day, on valentine’s day Xu Mengtao love deeply of ski resorts, gave her a best gift – her 28th world champion, the first gold medal in the Olympics!

“Am I number one?” shouted Xu Mengtao after finishing ninth in the pyeongChang Olympics.”Let a person tears,” yes, you are number one ah!Some netizens noticed that xu Mengtao’s final jump clinched the gold medal, and the song “Chasing dreams and Pure Heart” sounded on the court. “How can we see the shining of life if we don’t stick to it” is the best portrayal of her.After xu was confirmed as the Olympic champion, American freestyle skier Ashley Caldwell walked up to her and gave her a big hug, Shouting, “Taotao, Olympic champion!I’m so proud of you!””On the court, they are rivals, but in life, they are good friends,” the announcer said.Like Xu, Ashley Caldwell is a veteran of four Winter Olympics.Just a few days earlier, on the evening of February 10th, The United States won the combined freestyle skiing aerials team event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and Ashley won her first Olympic gold medal.And because they are athletes in the same field, they understand each other’s difficulties better.Therefore, many netizens sent their best wishes to them: “They both got gold MEDALS, congratulations to the two good friends!”Ashley Caldwell was born in 1993 and is now a 28-year-old veteran. She spent her childhood in Virginia, USA.Ashley Caldwell didn’t start skiing. As a child, she practiced gymnastics for 11 years and competed regularly.She decided to switch from gymnastics to skiing after watching the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, and has been doing so ever since.Besides skiing, the versatile girl also enjoys sailing, surfing, scuba diving and playing guitar.It was a scene from last night’s Winter Olympics that soon became visible to the world online.Ashley Caldwell showed true Olympic spirit after narrowly missing out on the podium, according to Sports Illustrated.Are they friends in real life?That seems a lot closer than a hug between strangers.I love watching moments like this.That’s great!That is the true Olympic spirit.- What does peach mean?- It’s her pet name.And recently, in the days of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we have witnessed too many such moments……China’s Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan, who lost 7-5 to Peisinger and Pulis of the United States in the eighth round of the curling mixed doubles round robin, presented two boxes of curling pins to their opponents at the Ice Cube of the Beijing National Aquatics Center on The second day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”It was a great honor to receive a gift from the Chinese team this afternoon. It was a beautiful gift and a wonderful demonstration of sportsmanship,” the Us team tweeted after the women’s 3,000m short track relay at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday.Girls from champion Netherlands, runner-up South Korea and third-runner-up China happily took a selfie during the trophy presentation ceremony..Results and rankings in competitive sports are important, but the respect and encouragement among athletes is the most touching part of the Olympic spirit.