The magic of retinic acid!10 RMB to solve wrinkles, absolutely no child

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I believe you are familiar with a alcohol, and vitamin A acid cream does not have too many side effects, the price is often more affordable, many people use to fight aging wrinkle.But vitamin A cream, as a product, does not belong to skin care ingredients, can not be used directly with skin care products, or there are taboo requirements and use methods.Today I’m going to show you how to use retinic acid correctly.If you use it, it’s like using ten dollars to solve the anti-aging problem that makes your head big, and the effect is better than the anti-aging essence and face cream that you spend thousands to buy.Sensitive skin can also be used, but it needs patience to establish a tolerance period.1 How to integrate skin care products at the beginning, the lowest concentration of Adapalin gel can be selected, if the skin tolerance can directly choose the concentration of 0.02% or 0.025% cream, the highest can reach 0.1%.Because of irritation, try to mix with mild hydrating and moisturizing repair products.Do not mix other anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whitening and oil control products.Especially acid products such as fruit acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, if used together will have a bad face.Basic oils such as Jojoba, squalane, rose oil are recommended for skin care.Their moisture retention is very high, which can alleviate desquamation problems.Moisturizing and repairing creams, such as Ucelin, Creme, and Yuze, are great for healing damaged skin and buffering retinoids.Replenish water protect wet kind elite had better also prepare, especially if your own skin is sensitive, the thing that moistens repair is protective barrier.For example, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, B5 type elite.2 discount ️ use method is also my own method, specific products can be replaced according to their own needs.Like alcohols, retinoids are only used at night.Then you can go to sleep and wash your face with water in the morning, moisturizing and protecting yourself from the sun.If the skin is dry, you should pat more.Step 2: Apply haba white oil after water absorption, rub it hot and press it on your face.The third step, with a small brown bottle to maintain stability, if your skin tolerance can not use essence, dry sensitive skin recommended not to save.After finishing the first three steps, the skin will be very moist and full. At this time, you can go on vitamin A acid. You can apply vitamin A acid first and then apply cream, or mix it with cream.Extrusion bean-size amount at a time, I will squeeze the five or six pump repair class creams, I use the green tea is the topix repair cream, don’t mean the amount of facial cream, because you really will be very dry, some may still feel dry, dry skin even five or six pump have little skill at this time, you can then apply vaseline crystal frozen cream, is a little oil,But it can relieve the discomfort of exuting dry skin very well, and it will make you more comfortable to spend the tolerance period.If you can’t use vaseline, use Nivea Big Blue Pot Cream, which also works for your face after emulsifying.Then you can go to sleep and wash your face with water in the morning, moisturizing and protecting yourself from the sun.Frequency of use: For the first time, once every 3 days in the first week, once every 1-2 days in the second week, after tolerance is established, it can be used every day.Redness, itching, peeling phenomenon are very normal, must be patient.3 discomfort ️ how to do?For example, dry peeling, red and itchy, if it is the first time to use the above symptoms, do not hesitate to directly rinse with water, only do simple water replenishment and moisturizing work.Try again after 3 days to build tolerance.If you have repeated discomfort after repeated use, you are not suitable for retinoic acid, so don’t force it.If it is used for a period of time, suddenly appear discomfort, do not worry, stop for a period of time, only use moisturizing repair products for a nourishing, such as skin recovery can be restarted.Pay attention to dosage and frequency.If you do not appear the above phenomenon, just acne, especially prone to acne, do not worry, you can continue to use, generally more than a month after acne will reduce a lot of.In terms of dosage, my first dose of tretinoic acid,0.025%, took a year to establish tolerance. I’ve seen some girls go through three in three months. That’s crazy.Make sure you control the frequency.After I use the biggest feeling is, early will have uncomfortable time, but after tolerating very sweet, skin becomes delicate and bright, adhere to use, you will be less than the same age long wrinkles.The key is very low cost!!The high level of appearance, good thing | MUJI MUJI product evaluation!After 4 months of using ITP ampoules, the most authentic feedback has come!