The Traffic Police Brigade of the Zhalut Banner Public Security Bureau has continuously promoted the optimization of the law-based business environment

2022-09-03 0 By

Since the launch of the discussion activity of welcoming the 20th National Congress, Optimizing the Law-based Business Environment and ensuring high-quality development of services, the Traffic Police Brigade has actively helped solve practical problems and helped optimize the construction of the law-based business environment from the big and small issues related to enterprises.Recently the traffic police brigade in combination with “I does the practical work for the masses” in-depth enterprise visits, interactive mechanism and establish normalized visits, provide enterprises with early warning, xuan, Ann “coverage and services, and enterprise security development, site planning scheme, the traffic police brigade police also joint can bai huo from industry level, head of the traffic police squadron, item by item, to carry out the security issues,And coordinate relevant departments to carry out comprehensive maintenance of road facilities, hidden dangers, road speed bumps, further reduce the area of road safety risks and improve the area of road traffic conditions.