Surprise!Two post-00s ice and snow athletes lit the cauldron at the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-09-03 0 By

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing. The theme of the opening ceremony was “Together for the Future”, which was introduced by the traditional 24 solar terms of The Chinese zodiac.These designs are still very wonderful, and then we are most looking forward to the lighting ceremony, the choice of the last baton is also unexpected, but also become the final surprise of the opening ceremony.Speculation has it that the last leg of the torch will go to Dayang Yang, China’s first Winter Olympic champion, who won gold in the women’s 500-meter short-track speed skating race.But in the baton, Yang Yang appeared in the penultimate fourth baton, she lit su Bingtian’s torch, which also raised a lot of appetite, then the last baton will be who?Two young faces came out, namely: Dinegar – Yi Lamujiang and Zhao Jiawen.I believe you are not familiar with these two contestants. They are both born after 2000. They were very excited in the last leg and waved to the audience all the time.Diniger returned to China in September last year and became an excellent skier under the guidance of her father.At the age of 18, Diniger won the silver medal in the women’s individual short distance at the Beijing Cross-country Skiing Grand Prix, which was the first international medal for a Chinese competitor in cross-country skiing.Zhao Jiwen is a Nordic combined athlete, which we are relatively late to contact, and he is the first Chinese team to qualify for Nordic combined in winter Olympics.Zhao finished 22nd in the men’s individual standard + 10km event at the IAF Nordic Biathlon in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, in November last year to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics.This time the final cauldron was not lit, but by Dinegar Iramujiang and Chiao Jiaven, which was placed in the center of a huge snowflake in the middle of the field in a surprisingly simple way.Giant snowflakes rose before fireworks lit up the sky outside the National Stadium, bringing the opening ceremony to a close.