Peng Yueran, Class 4 (2), Hangzhou Chongwen Century City Experimental School

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Last time, Wang Yue, the famous teacher observer of “Zhejiang Youth Poetry Conference” and teacher of Hangzhou Chongwen Education Group, invited students to change landscape poetry into jingwen.Wang teacher said, the land of China, infinite landscape scenery, to the enjoyment of the United States, there is such a group of ancient poets, they play landscape, landscape appreciation, landscape writing, their hermit temperament and literati in landscape.”The bright moon between the pine, clear spring stone upper” “idle osmanthus falls, the night is quiet spring mountain empty”, Wang Wei’s landscape poetry artistic conception is fresh and lofty, the personality is broad-minded and refined.In our textbooks, in the primary school students must recite ancient poems, there are many familiar landscape poems.Please find your favorite landscape poem and rewrite it into about 300 words, so that you can reproduce the poetic meaning of landscape with words.The students were very enthusiastic and threw many excellent works to us.Poetic landscape, artistic conception long.Rewriting landscape poems seems to complete a dialogue between “ancient” and “modern”.The children are to capture the image of the master, the moon, pine, bamboo, birds, these scenes like a drop of thick ink in the heart of the children dizzy dyed a beautiful picture.More happily, the children felt the artistic conception contained in the landscape poems.We can see from the child’s brush strokes “comfortable”, “unique empty mountain”, see broad-minded life pattern.”Poetry mixed with friendship…Shake shake, shake time, shake into a different era, the poetry and landscape together shake over.”That’s the point of meeting poetry!”The Yangtze River is rolling eastward. I have been staying away for too long. My hometown is thousands of miles away, which makes me miss it all the time.What’s more, in this strong autumn wind in the evening, the mountains are fluttering yellow autumn leaves.”This is what Wang Bo saw in his eyes and felt in his heart.Was expelled from the Changan Pei palace, Wang Bo surface left free and easy, but in the heart of mixed emotions, their full of talent, but not display.Originally want to borrow shu land scenic spots to dissolve the accumulated resentment in the heart, but for him to add a lot of acacia and worry, in order to ease travel sorrow return to think, Wang Bo wrote “in the mountains”.These two crosses, lyric scenery, sad and strong, created a broad artistic conception.Standing on the mountain, Wang Bo wished for the Yangtze River rolling eastward.The autumn wind is bleak, the yellow leaves fall, through the “Yangtze River”, “yellow leaves” and other scenes, as readers association, the so-called poem does not reach the exegesis.Before long guest return to think, after the wind blowing leaves fall, true wonderful zai!As the Qing Dynasty Song Gu Le said: “Send xing Gao Yuan, poetic scenery all foot.”Wang Bo in the most sad time, wrote a scene of sentient witty poems, a long aftertaste.Hangzhou Chongwen Century City Experimental School four (2) class Peng Yueran statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: