Compromise is sometimes gut poison

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Wen: There is Meow, a writer as keen and independent as Meow.Write the story of every ordinary person, share the touching in the ordinary, pay attention to each extraordinary experience.Sometimes, when we are in a relationship, we think we are humbled, and the compromise we have to make is more like a self-moving redemption.Because our so-called compromise may not be needed by the other side.And we need to be clear about one thing, namely, when two people are together, sometimes there is a conflict, the other party never wants a compromise.For some sensitive people, compromise is sometimes more like a poison through the gut.Most of them will only be left with a few sneers after knowing that some of the other party’s words and deeds are considered to be humble submission.Because the other person’s so-called “compromise” is more like a kind of deception in their relationship.The girl, Jin Zi, has only recently realized the truth.When he said, “I’m too humble to let anyone know,” and, “Aren’t you trying to make me compromise again?” she took a tumble.It showed her that much of the harmony between the two sides over the years had been an illusion.Those in her eyes, quite happy and complacent tacit understanding and company, the other party is actually not so enjoy.Instead, the other person just thinks that the solution they come up with after every argument is not acceptance or approval.Just compromise.If it is a compromise, it is not from the heart.It’s bound to make the client feel bad, even depressed.So the last time they had an argument, when the boy finally showed willingness to compromise, she firmly refused.A lot of people in relationships, inevitably, fall into this trap.Think most of the time, as long as they are willing to compromise, soft a soft tone, put down, slightly show a temporary compromise, the other party should be grateful.Little imagine, the other party that uses affection likewise, what need is not such force and disguise actually.What most people really look forward to is the combination of sensibility and rationality based on life and reality, and the real unification in their feelings.Especially in some mutually controversial topics, more hope to dig away from their respective habits and system concepts, together to find a correct, and practical scheme.Compromise, but meaningless avoidance.Because when a person doesn’t truly believe in what he should do, he can easily “go back to the way he was” even if his words and actions moved in that direction for a period of time.Such a compromise would be an endless struggle for both sides.People who are lucky enough will eventually find that many of the problems they have with each other are better addressed from the beginning, rather than entering into such “self-touching sacrifice” compromises.All other evasements, euphemisms, fillings and pacifications fail to get to the heart of the matter.At most, it is “scratching the surface”, but it is scratching the surface more and more.Therefore, when two people face problems in a relationship, compromise is just the last resort.It requires two people to discuss the corresponding problem head-on, find a mutually acceptable and agreed to deal with the path, to reach a real agreement.Obviously, it’s even more difficult if the other person in the relationship doesn’t agree with it at all.Because it may have been too much for him to participate in this analysis.Not to mention, when he is firmly convinced that he is not wrong about something and the other person is unhappy about it, he will think it necessary to bring it up, or to solve the problem.The biggest problem in a relationship is when one person thinks it’s a problem and the other person doesn’t.It’s not a good solution to let the person who feels the problem always bring it up.It’s like asking someone to open their own wounds and trying to speak clearly and coherently to introduce and present to the other person.And we find that the reality on the other side is sometimes not as “ignorant” as we thought.Partners who have been with each other for a while are more likely to be unmoved when they know what the other person is in.Not about him, is trying to use time and silence, it will be perfunctory.Unfortunately, this method is useless in a relationship except for self-deception.-END- If you like, please like, share, favorites and comment below.For more emotional stories and questions, please visit the author’s homepage or the card below for one-click consultation.Don’t forget, a warm cat is at home waiting for you to learn more about your cat