A special operation in Shenzhen recovered 45.3 million yuan

2022-09-03 0 By

Report from our newspaper (Reporter Liu Youting correspondent Wu Jiehong) Since the launch of shenzhen, Guangdong, the city has inspected 7,451 employing units, involving 437,600 workers, 3819 migrant workers pay wages and compensation more than 45.3 million yuan, stage results are obvious.According to statistics, in 2021, human resources security departments at all levels in Shenzhen city transferred 45 criminal cases suspected of refusing to pay labor remuneration to public security organs;Public security organs registered 31 cases and solved 31 cases;Criminal detention of 45 suspects;Twenty-eight suspects were arrested.In 2021, the municipal department of housing and construction inspected 78 items in total and 36 enterprises in dynamic inspection. 8 cases of administrative penalties were issued for illegal acts such as subcontracting and illegal subcontracting in the construction market, with a total penalty amount of 6.4446 million yuan.More than 1,800 municipal housing projects under construction in The city have been connected with the management platform of “real-name system and account-sharing system for construction industry”, and the real-name system and the special wage account for migrant workers have reached 100%, which has better realized real-time monitoring.Legal aid institutions at the municipal and district levels have also opened a “green channel” for legal aid for unpaid migrant workers, exempting all unpaid migrant workers from examination for financial difficulties, simplifying examination and approval procedures, and giving priority to acceptance, examination and assignment.