A man posing as a beautiful woman flirts with several men

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Network acquaintance encounter a section of good fate screen is “beauty”, behind is a little brother is not careful,The goods before the empty city residents chamberlain was the “beauty” of a handful of thanks to the pit police investigation suspected man arrested and will eventually recover in time all losses on February 9, 12 lotus area city public security bureau police station received a citizen when zhang (not his real name), police said they could be online man pretending to be women before and after the fraud losses according to zhang, he is about 6000 multivariate moneyAt the end of 2021 through social software met a “female net friend” as the hot well into the “female net friend” often to lack of money, have no money to buy cat food, and need to care about the festival for chamberlain constantly give money even the daily outside selling point meal is zhang to help pay for many times in early February day zhang from found a foul play was involved in these payment delivery fee:Delivery consignee Mr Turns out to be a reasoned with “female net friend” this time xiao zhang suddenly understand oneself may have suffered a scam that names “female net friend” is not only a liar will most likely still a man pretending to be women and zhang reported to the police after the police received a report to the police city police station immediately organize joint police substation anti cheat center and other departments for case investigation by more than four hoursParties to verify and clues master CAI to suspect a police information feedback in the afternoon 4 when city the policemen pounced on a rented accommodation in downtown will CAI a certain arrested the police also found a CAI in the same way is from the three other man who met online by an interrogations suspects CAI to pretend to be female to joba chamberlain and others commit fraud, having confessed by CAI police workSome take the initiative to return all the money obtained by fraud At present CAI has been the liandu police take criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law, the case is still in further investigation and digging.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.