A husband and wife team guarding the country

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Dalian, Feb. 2 (Xinhua News AgencyThe Spring Festival is supposed to be a time for family reunion. But when all the families get together, the three of them in the same city can only get together through video calls.Chang Liang and his wife Leng Xue are both policemen working at Zhoushuizi Entry-exit Border Inspection station in Dalian. This Spring Festival, Chang Liang spent the time in closed-loop duty. Leng Xue just finished the last closed-loop and went home to reunite with her daughter whom she had not seen for a month.”This is my fourth round of closed-loop duty.”In August 2021, in order to further prevent the importation of COVID-19 from abroad, Zhoushuizi Entry-exit Border Inspection Station in Dalian began to implement the closed-loop duty mode of “14-day closed duty + 14-day concentrated isolation”, with the policemen staying in the closed-loop for 28 days.Protective clothing, masks, gloves, shoe covers, protective face screens, 9:30 am, steady on dressed neatly, came to Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport inbound passenger waiting area on duty.At 11 o ‘clock in the morning, an international flight carrying more than 60 passengers arrived at the airport, steady on and his colleagues as scheduled busy.Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of inbound passengers has decreased this Spring Festival, and the waiting area for inbound passengers is a little deserted.Although the number of people entering the country has decreased, the work of “guarding the gate” should not be careless.”Two or three hours a shift in protective clothing, even in winter, you break out in a sweat.”Steady on said, if the flight is late or special events, the police even lunch break and eat without stopping to put into the afternoon work.As a “gatekeeper” who has been at the border inspection line for 20 years, Chang Liang has lost count of the number of Spring Festivals that he has not been able to reunite with his family.As a “double police family”, Chang Liang and Leng Xue felt most indebted to their nine-year-old daughter. “During the epidemic, our husband and wife were on duty in shifts, so the child could only be taken care of by grandparents.”During the closed-loop service, Leng Xue would help her daughter with her homework through video calls every night. Once the call was connected, leng Xue would point to the countdown on the small blackboard to show her, expecting her to go home for the Spring Festival.”Mom bought you a New Year’s present and will visit you as soon as work is over.”It was not until the eve of the Spring Festival that Leng Xue saw her long-lost daughter.”Wearing this uniform means responsibility!”When the New Year’s bell rang, steady on in the isolation hotel eating dumplings prepared by the unit, ushered in the Year of the Tiger.(Source: Xinhua)