What factors will affect the price of corporate video production?Figure king science and technology

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In today’s society, both individuals and enterprises must rely on public relations to build their own image, and establishing a successful brand image is a top priority.Enterprise publicity film can be mainly used for publicity, exhibition, investment promotion, product promotion, business promotion, tourist attractions, hotels, hotels, real estate publicity, corporate image publicity, etc.Generally speaking, a good promotional film price contains three factors: 1, enterprise promotional film production early: good copywriting creativity, closely combined with the creative planning of enterprise promotional film, creativity for promotional film planning to provide novel schemes and ideas, further promotion planning activities have a lot to do.Original innovation, good copywriting creativity is very important, creativity is the soul of the whole publicity film, the cost of a good creative script will naturally be higher.2, corporate videos, medium-term production: according to the general configuration can be divided into professional equipment: equipment costs (high-definition cameras, standard definition, ordinary, wide-angle lens, lights, rocker, track, etc.) labor costs (actors, directors, lighting engineer, photographers, producers, etc.) 3, enterprise feature films post-production cost: the cost includes editing, dubbing, special effects, etc.4. Other expenses: transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. generated during the shooting of the publicity film shall be calculated according to the days of the shooting of the publicity film.From the above brief introduction, I think you will have an overall understanding of the price of the promotional video.