The tomb-sweeping festival has resumed in Hefei

2022-09-02 0 By

Tombs, cemeteries and funeral institutions in Hefei will no longer be closed on Qingming This year, anhui Business Daily reported.On March 29, the reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau of Hefei that according to the latest notice (No. 6) issued by the Epidemic prevention and control Emergency Headquarters of Hefei, the city’s cemetery, cemetery and rural cemetery will strictly implement reservation, time-sharing, staggered peak and flow restriction management.Earlier, the bureau issued a notice, the city’s cemeteries, urns and other on-site worship will be suspended.March 29 in the afternoon, as one of main cemetery cemetery in hefei, hefei of shushan culture cemetery, in a news release from now on the martyrs cemetery recovery site, the tomb-sweeping day (April 3-5) need to advance booking number by the public, practice the “three yards LianZha” (ankang code, code, hotel accommodation), the date of the remaining two yards LianZha.Meanwhile, due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the Dasushan Cultural Cemetery will no longer provide round-trip transport and tea service during the Qingming Festival.The cemetery also warned that the elderly have low immunity and are susceptible to the virus, so the public should advise them to avoid coming to the park for the time being. If they enter the park, they should check two codes.Earlier on March 25, the shushan Cultural Cemetery said it would suspend on-site worship services from March 26, adding that the specific resumption date would be announced later.The Qingming Festival is approaching, which increases the flow of people and increases the risk of the spread of the epidemic.Night, March 28, epidemic prevention and control in hefei emergency headquarters issued a “about to do during the qingming festival, hefei, epidemic prevention and control work notice (6)”, emphasize the city party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels staff to lead by example, take the lead in execution of epidemic prevention and control requirements, not matter from fat, organization, participate in the family aggregation activities such as martyrs.Officials and staff of the central and provincial government units stationed in fertilizer areas should not leave the fertilizer and return to their hometowns for sacrificial visits during the epidemic prevention and control period.All cemeteries, cemeteries and cemetery heads in rural areas of the city shall strictly implement reservation, time-sharing, staggered peak and flow restriction management.In order to prevent people from gathering together, no more than five people are allowed to visit each tomb.Civil affairs departments at all levels in the city should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of funeral homes, and encrypt nucleic acid test frequency of funeral home staff.Guide relatives of the deceased, limit the size of the funeral to no more than 20 people in principle, and implement the prevention and control requirements such as checking travel codes and health codes and wearing masks.Relevant person in charge of social affairs Department of Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau told reporters that the epidemic prevention and control measures of qingming Festival this year are subject to the latest notice of Hefei Epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters.This means that the notice issued by the bureau on March 24 on the suspension of some sacrificial services during the Qingming Festival has been invalid.(Anhui Business Daily Rong Media reporter Wu Peng)