It is not easy for a college professor who is even more humble than Wei Dongyi to teach with a woven bag

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If you know something about the education circle, I believe you must know Peking University wei Shen, who unexpectedly became popular last year.Because a video about a Peking University teacher’s blessing to students has become popular on the Internet, and a teacher in the picture who is not so neatly dressed has attracted a lot of attention.Many people questioned the teacher’s appearance, and even said: Can you be a teacher in Peking University when you look like this?But actually when we really understand, this unkempt person, many people have been hit in the face.The name of this interviewee calls Wei Dongyi, although wei Dongyi is not in all corners of the country, but there is the legend of Wei Dongyi as before on all corners of the country.In mathematics, Wei Dongyi was once named god, and is now called God of Wei by many netizens.Although said Wei Dongyi’s personal ability is very strong, but in fact because of his dress also received a lot of controversy.Because many people come across Wei Dongyi, always can see him carrying two steamed buns and a bottle of water bottles filled with plain boiled water.Judge not from appearances, judge not from the sea There is always a saying in China: Judge not from appearances, judge not from the sea.This means that a person cannot tell what kind of person he is by his appearance.Although it is now a society of appearance level supremacy, for some people who have been divorced from the “secular”, what they care about is not their appearance, but the pursuit of their heart.Just like Wei Dongyi, he didn’t care how the outside world felt about him. His biggest thing every day was studying mathematics and how to cultivate more outstanding talents for the country through mathematics. It can be said that these people are great.Recently, there was a university professor unexpectedly popular, many people also ridicule the university professor than Wei Dongyi even “poor” people.This is because the professor seems to live a simple life with a woven bag in his hand.A senior mathematics teacher at Zhejiang Normal University unexpectedly became popular some time before he started his class with a woven bag.The reason is that the teacher carries a woven bag to class every day, every day in class, he will take out his own books and teaching plans from his bag, and dress is not exquisite.In addition to carrying a woven bag, he also carries a small mazar, uninformed people think that he is from a small vendor, such a dress does not correspond to many people’s idea of a university teacher.According to the students in the class, this kind of dress has become the old professor’s normal.His clothes were so ordinary, even his hat had been washed white, that the uninformed might have thought he was an ordinary man.If you walk down the street, many people would not think he teaches at a university when they see him.The professor has worked at the university for 22 years and specializes in combinatorics and optimization.We often say that the success of a college teacher depends not only on the research results, but also on the status of the teacher in the hearts of the students, and how the students evaluate the teacher.Perhaps because the video has gone viral, many students have come to the teacher’s defense.According to a zhejiang Normal University student, the professor has a strong personality in his behavior, and students are willing to attend his classes.When it comes to teaching, professors can always surprise their students.Although it is very difficult to learn advanced mathematics, professors can always help students understand these knowledge from many aspects, and cultivate many mathematical talents.In addition to his strong teaching ability, this professor has published many papers and works, and has successfully helped many students to improve their high scores. He is a respected university professor.Perhaps in many people’s eyes, the image of university teachers like Wei Dongyi and the university professor does not conform to.I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they don’t care about their image in life.They are more willing to devote all of their time to doing things they love.Although they are not researchers buried in the laboratory, they do make their own contributions to their field.In this era of appearance level supremacy, many young people may not understand their approach, and even prefer those bright stars.But from my personal point of view, they are the stars that young people should follow most nowadays.Some people say that a star may perform millions or tens of millions of yuan, which is the salary of scientific researchers for a year or even several years.Many people also complain about the researchers, but in fact, in the eyes of the researchers, their choice is the most correct.In today’s era, there are indeed many people who have lost themselves and do not know how to choose.I can say with certainty that these researchers have always adhered to their ideals and never changed their attitudes because of external influences.Topic of the day: What do you think of the university professor?Welcome to comment.