How to clear up the 12 points on your driver’s license?

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What if your driver’s license fills up with 12 points in a scoring period?In fact, the key is to know the following two things: 1.Need to attend full marks education in 15 days “full marks education” after passing the exam can complete “clear points”!A motor vehicle driver who accumulates 12 points within a scoring period shall, within 15 days, attend a 7-day study of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge at the traffic administrative department of the public security organ in any city of the province where the motor vehicle driving license is issued or where the illegal act occurs.Motor vehicle drivers shall, within 20 days after attending the learning, take the examination of road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge.Those who pass the examination shall have their motor vehicle driving license returned;Those who fail the examination shall continue to attend the study and examination.Where a person refuses to attend the study or accept the examination, the traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall announce the suspension of the use of his motor vehicle driving license.Non-local drivers can receive full score education at the place where the violation occurred as long as they meet relevant conditions.However, the following situations should be noted: For the driving license status of “cancellation can be restored”, can only be applied at the place where the driving license is issued.How do you do that?Apply in three Steps -> Study > Test ▼01 How to Apply?At present, students can apply for full score education through the mobile APP “Jiaoguan 12123” or the “Internet platform”.Method 1: Download “Jiaoguan 12123” APP, register and log in, select “More” on the home page, and select “Full score Education Application” in “Business Center – Learning and Education Business”.Method 2: Log in to “Traffic Safety Integrated Service Management Platform” on the Internet platform, and select “Full marks education Application” from “Business Management – Full marks Examination education”.02 How to Learn?Full score education learning adopts network education + on-site education mode.The duration of study is 7 days, and the accumulated education time shall not be less than 3 hours per day (the learning time of the day that has not accumulated the full school hours will be invalid), and the on-site education shall not be less than 2 days.The system will automatically calculate the minimum number of days required to attend the on-site education according to the driving license points.To participate in on-site education, one must bring his/her original valid ID card to attend on time.Safety no small matter, law-abiding safe line!Click to enter the wechat public account of weiyuan County Public Security Traffic Police