Hong Xiuzhu just returned from Beijing, the first words off the plane shook the island, Eric Chu predicted right

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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just concluded gave a perfect answer to all the expectant audiences at home and abroad. The opening ceremony not only included guests from overseas countries, but also hung Hsiu-chu, an important political figure from Taiwan.The arrival of Hung Hsiu-chu, the former chairwoman of the Kuomintang, is a rarity at a time when cross-strait exchanges are restricted by the DPP authorities.When she returned to Taiwan after watching the opening ceremony, she said something that shocked the island.Ms. Hung’s remarks, no different from those of Eric Chu, the current chairman of the Kuomintang party, confirmed the significance of Taipei’s participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Although the authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who are now on the dangerous path of “Taiwan independence” have added great resistance to cross-Straits exchanges, they have never stopped.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games has become a common “celebration” for compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Many Taiwan compatriots from all over the world participated in various activities to celebrate the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The impact of the Beijing Winter Olympics is not limited to the civil society, Taiwan’s political circles have been shaken, many important figures have made relevant statements.Among them, Hung xiuzhu directly appeared in the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics touched Hung a lot, especially the return of the lost dove to the team.After returning to Taiwan, Hung hsiu-chu said, “Even though the DPP authorities try their best to provoke the other side and hope to gain temporary political gains by heating up the cross-strait situation, we still believe that” peace “is the true” universal value “.In the New Year, I hope both sides of the Taiwan Straits will make joint efforts to eliminate hatred and confrontation, and dissolve separation and conflict.The Beijing Winter Olympics has brought many positive effects to cross-Straits relations, but there are also many negative voices. Some green activists claimed that the mainland took the opportunity to carry out united Front propaganda, and some of the comments were secretly directed at Hung xiuzhu.On the issue of cross-strait exchanges, Eric Chu has long said that “exchanges with China are much better than confrontation with each other.”As for Hung hsiu-chu attending the opening ceremony, cheering for the Taipei team, Eric Chu also held a supportive attitude.Although the economic and trade ties between the two sides have become the closest since Tsai Ing-wen took office, they are far from comparable in other respects.However, at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the attention Chinese athletes received from Taiwan media, as well as the public reaction on both sides of the Strait, showed that Chu was right.If Tsai Ing-wen continues to try to steer cross-strait relations in an “evil” direction, it shows that she is going against the general trend and will not succeed. Insisting on “Taiwan independence” will only lead Tsai to a dead end.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu