Fun and easy to use configuration, Changan UNI-V

2022-09-02 0 By

Uni-v is a four-door coupe design that incorporates elements of the UNI family design, powered by a Blue Whale 1.5T engine.Appearance, changan UNI – V using highly recognizable UNI family design, and USES the four-door coupe body structure, some new faces before the borderless design before the trapezoidal grille, on both sides of the modelling on collocation, sharp flattening design LED headlamps, and equipped with a three-stage air inlet front bumper, gives the car a good exercise body side,New car whole application four-door coupe, body modelling fluent line from column B began to slowly fall, the roof of the rear of the formation of the highly speed of the visual effects, and the new car is equipped with hidden door handles, brought a sense of the future for the whole car, in addition, the new car is equipped with black coating five wheel rims modelling, further strengthen the motility of the body.The rear part of a new car tail lamp group adopted throughout the design, internal LED light source, is expected to light up at night, will have a good identification, and also introduces a new car lamp had arranged the electric hoist tail after, after on collocation, surrounded by bilateral two exhaust, structure style and non-proliferation, makes the vehicle movement breath more rich.New car interiors, overall modelling and UNI – K basic same, use a 3 + 1 four screen layout design, among them, the suspension control screen slightly tilted to the driver side, on the vision has good administrative levels sense, in terms of functional, car machine system is configured with a very rich APP, in addition to regular online navigation, online music, online video also built a lot of classic games,It can be controlled through the connection with the mobile phone (small program has been added here, please check it on the Tongche Client)