Folk tale: the old man broke off his marriage and the bricklayer set a wooden man on his beam

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During the Reign of Zheng He in the Song Dynasty, there was a hunter in Leling County, Cangzhou Prefecture, Hebei Road. His name was Li Qianwei. He was an experienced old hunter who knew how to punch and kick.He had only one daughter, who was born in the spring when peaches and plums were blooming, and was given the nickname Taoer.When peach was small, Li Qianwei taught her kung fu, after all, living in the mountains, know some boxing kung fu can be self-defense.Tao er has a gift for martial arts. When other children practice boxing, they often cry and do not want to bear hardships. However, Tao er enjoys it and practices several times a day.Sometimes the body was injured, she did not cry do not make, with plaster, continue to practice.Li Qianwei was very happy at the beginning, that her daughter practiced a skill, not afraid of being bullied, but not a few years, peach but let Li Qianwei more and more headache.It turned out that peach son inherited his father’s character from an early age. After practicing boxing, she preferred to fight with people.On one occasion, her partner was zhao Fugui’s son zhao rich family to bully, peach son is a dozen, has been hit zhao Fugui kneel to beg for mercy will let go.Zhao rich son was beaten black and blue, angry to come to The door, Li Qianwei hurriedly apologize.He not only lost the money, but also took several rabbits to zhao rich man.Later, peach son also played other children, every time after playing, she went home like nothing, Li Qianwei did not know, every time others came to know.Li Qianwei also know, every time peach son dozen children, are bullying children, but Li Qianwei is just an ordinary hunter, can not offend so many people, especially zhao rich zhao Fugui, peach son dozen several times.Li Qianwei helpless, no longer teach taoer wushu, but let wife Tao teach taoer knitting needlework, want to cultivate her into a gentle lady.Li Qianwei husband and wife cost a lot of effort, training for several years just barely successful, peach son finally no longer knife gun, but become a fair lady.As the saying goes, “women become 18 changes”, peach son is becoming more and more beautiful, Li Qianwei is very happy, thinking of finding a good husband for her daughter.One day, a prince came to the village. His name was Ma Mingchang, a distant cousin of Zhao Fugui who lived in Linhe County.Ma Mingchang went to the provincial capital on business. On his way back, he went to leling County to visit his cousin Zhao Fugui.Two people in the village when wandering, Ma Mingchang accidentally saw peach son, immediately surprised for heaven, peach son.He asked Zhao Fugui for the news of peach, Zhao Fugui disdained to say: “This is a tigress, WHEN I was young, she also played it!”Ma Mingchang listened to the interest, want to take her as a concubine idea is stronger.Ma Mingchang is a prodigal childe. He has three wives and four concubines in his family, but he is not satisfied. Every time he meets the girl he likes outside, he always tries his best to marry her.Ma Mingchang thinks, can take the rebellious peach son to marry home, let her obediently listen to his words, can show his skill.That Ma Mingchang idea, Zhao Fugui happy, thought why not do personal love, think of a way to let the peach marry Ma Mingchang, let her jump into the pit of fire, in order to report that was often hit.Therefore, Zhao Fugui looked for the matchmaker eagerly, gave the matchmaker a lot of money, let the matchmaker rhetoric, deceive Li Qianwei, let Li Qianwei taoer marry Ma Mingchang.The matchmaker took the initiative to visit ma Mingchang, blowing up the sky, said Ma Mingchang, rich family, kind-hearted, also cheated Li Qianwei, said Ma Mingchang is unmarried, peach son married in the past is the wife, there will be endless glory and wealth.In theory, ma Mingchang condition in media population is excellent, but Li Qianwei always feel wrong.He didn’t say yes or no, but told the matchmaker to go home and wait for news.The next morning, Li Qianwei told his wife to take care of peach at home, he went out to inquire about Ma Mingchang’s news.Li Qianwei often go to the town to sell prey, he first went to the town for news, and then went to Leling County, and then went all the way to Linhe County, this is more than ten days.Related to her daughter’s lifelong event, Li Qianwei dare not careless.Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang did not know where Li Qianwei went, but they were not idle.Worried about the long dreams, they took turns looking for Li Wei’s wife, Tao.One day, Zhao Fugui came to the door and said to Tao: “Aunt, congratulations, Li Shu has agreed to Ma Mingchang and peach son’s marriage, at the moment is buying items in the county!”Tao a woman’s family, which know this is Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang’s trick, since the husband agreed, he also agreed to two people’s marriage, but also received Ma Mingchang’s dowry.When Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang happily go home to prepare, Li Qianwei came back.He heard Ma Mingchang’s family, surprised out of a cold sweat, fortunately, did not let her daughter jumped into the pit of fire, so they rushed back without stopping.When he learned that his wife Tao shi has agreed to Ma Mingchang and peach son’s marriage, angrily stamping feet.Li Qianwei and Tao immediately find Ma Mingchang, immediately break off the marriage.Zhao Fugui was very angry, ready to move rough, but ma Mingchang stopped.Originally, Ma Mingchang wanted to take a long-term view, do not want to make the relationship is very stiff.And lived for a few days, Ma Mingchang saw Li Qianwei soft and hard not to eat, really no point, had to go home.Zhao Fugui boasted in front of his cousin Ma Mingchang, and Ma Mingchang also promised Zhao Fugui, after the thing to help him make a big business.Now empty, old and new animosity together, Zhao Fugui and Li Qianwei home deeper contradiction.Bright to not, then to the dark, plus Ma Mingchang does not give up, often with Zhao Fugui communication, discussing how to make peach son bait.Finally, Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang to discuss a poison scheme.Half a year later, Zhao Fugui finally got his chance. The roof of Li Qianwei’s house, which had been in disrepair for a long time, was damaged after a strong wind and heavy rain. Li Qianwei invited a bricklayer surnamed Cao from the next village to repair the roof for him, which took about five days.Because they lived close to each other, Cao went home to sleep at night. When he passed Zhao Fugui’s house that night, Zhao Fugui pulled him into the house.Zhao Fugui and Cao Bricklayer is also old acquaintance, Zhao Fugui home land, Cao bricklayer rented zhao Fugui home land, is zhao Fugui’s tenant farmer.Zhao Fugui gave the mason a small silver ingot and promised to exempt his family from rent for one year.Cao bricklayer flattered, do not know why Zhao Fugui to him so good.Zhao Fugui hey hey smile, said his idea.The mason hesitated for a long time. Then Zhao Fugui approached him and said, “I will waive your rent for another year. You will not have to pay the rent for two years as long as you succeed in this matter.If not, I’ll take it back next year.””Sake red face, wealth and silk tempted people,” under the threat of Zhao Fugui, Cao bricklayer finally tempted, he said through clenched teeth: “Do this, Li Qianwei’s daughter is no longer innocent!”In the following days, Cao worked as usual, but on the last day, Cao secretly placed a wooden figure on the beam of Li’s house. This wooden figure was carved with a man and a woman cuddling together.It is said that if such wooden figures are placed in unmarried people’s homes, the daughters of the family will lose their innocence.After the completion of cao bricklayer regardless of Li Qianwei’s retention will hurry back home.When Zhao Fugui found cao Bricklayer in the evening, Cao bricklayer said to him that things have been done, waiting to see the drama.From then on, Mr. Zhao often hung around Mr. Li’s house, seemingly waiting for something.Sure enough, peach son like changed a person, very not easy to be li Qianwei cultivated into the lady image disappeared, become very flirtatious, often and the village man winking, let father Li Qianwei shame.Li Qianwei scolded several times, did not see the effect, that zhao Fugui secretly proud of the news, and sent a letter to cousin Ma Mingchang, please Ma Mingchang rushed to come.Ma Mingchang learned of Zhao Fugui’s behavior, applauded, hurried to come.They took advantage of Li Qianwei out hunting opportunities, took the initiative to run to the peach window, and peach.After a few words, Peach slipped out and beckoned them both to follow her to an abandoned cottage in the back hills.Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang brothers excitedly followed behind peach.When the cabin, peach son took the initiative to take off his coat, also let Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang also took off his clothes.Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang thought the trick was successful, a moment to take off naked, did not expect peach suddenly changed face, a foot in zhao Fugui’s heart, Zhao Fugui suddenly collapsed to the ground, Ma Mingchang turned to run, early peach kicked in the heart, Ma Mingchang also fell to the ground.Originally, peach son for so many years, kung fu has not lost.Tao took a whip prepared in advance from the corner of the room and began to whip them both. As she whipped them, she said, “Zhao Fugui, do you think you can fool me with your tricks?When the mason cao went to work the next day, I noticed something was wrong with him.That day I hid in the dark observation, found cao bricklayer put a wooden figure on the beam.This kind of crooked thing, deceiving children line, my heart a group of righteous, afraid you do what?I’ve been acting the last few days just to trap you!”Taoer taught the two men to howl, and finally beat them to beg for mercy, taoer just let them go.Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang lost big this time, Ma Mingchang steal chicken not eat rice, gas that night left Zhao Fugui home, cut off contact with Zhao Fugui.Zhao Fugui was afraid of peach son since childhood, did not expect peach son grew up or so fierce, he did not dare to find li’s fault.What is more surprising is that Zhao Fugui seems to have changed a person since then. He has changed his previous appearance of being ignorant and unskilled. Instead, he is practicing arts and martial arts and often does good deeds.A few years later, Jin Bing went south, Zhao Fugui donated money and food to help the Song army fight against Jin Bing, which makes Peach look at him with new eyes, peach also take the initiative to help Zhao Fugui, then the two people have feelings.After the jin army captured bianliang, Zhao Fugui and Tao er followed the fugitives to Lin ‘an, where they were married for the rest of their lives.Warm said the heart no ghost, ghost is not born;In the heart of ghosts, ghosts run amok.Like peach son, a righteous, awe-inspiring, ghost fox dare not invade, let alone a bricklayer of small skills?Peach son martial arts, chivalrous and courageous, at the same time smart, careful, early found Zhao Fugui and bricklayer plot, eventually, severely punish Zhao Fugui and Ma Mingchang.It’s better to know when you’re wrong than to change.Zhao Fugui after this matter, did not take the means of crazy revenge, but is affected by peach son started by kung fu, breast conservation and, in the face of the nomads from south to donate money to donate food, this had to say it’s a great change, also touched by the peach son girl, two people got married, is a former repair to the fate.