Cover the low, middle and high grade of three mobile phones, worth starting, see if you choose?

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Everyone has different needs and budgets when it comes to buying a mobile phone, so the choices can be very different.There is no absolutely perfect mobile phone in the market, each mobile phone has its own focus, we just need to start according to their own needs, we can choose their own satisfactory mobile phone.Today, I will recommend three mobile phones to you, covering low, middle and high grade, and see if there is one you choose?I think realme GT Neo3 has no rival in 2000 yuan, and is worthy of being the king of cost performance.The exterior design is very cool, it carries the Iron triangle configuration of Breguet 8100 processor + full blood version OF LPDDR5+UFS3.1, strong performance and good power control.In addition, there is a unique chip support, so that the game experience of this mobile phone will be more outstanding.The SONY IMX766 has a rear camera and supports OIS optical stabilization, which I was surprised to find in this price range, given that many flagship phones now use the same sensor.The results are amazing.In addition, in terms of battery life, it once again raised the ceiling of the fast charge field. What kind of experience is 150W speed of light per second?A 4500mAh battery can be half-charged in five minutes, which is really convenient.I have no reason not to recommend such a versatile and cost-effective phone.2. The comprehensive experience of glory Magic4 is very balanced.First of all, the appearance of the glory classic Muse eye design, the body is very thin.It’s powered by a Snapdragon 8 GEN1 processor with a 6.81-inch curved screen with a hole in the center that’s awesome.Support 120Hz high brush +LTPO technology +1920Hz HIGH frequency PWM dimming function.Make this screen comfortable and eye friendly.Video performance is also good, with a 50 megapixel SONY IMX766 main camera lens +50 megapixel ultra wide Angle +8 megapixel zoom telephoto.Built-in 4800mAh battery capacity, support 66W fast charge.And the glory also includes smart private calling technology, which lets you avoid the embarrassment of having to answer your phone in a crowd.Very practical.At 3999, I think it’s the best value in the Magic4 series.If you don’t have a special need for telephoto, I think Magic4 is a great experience to use.Samsung S22 Ultra is an industry leader with impeccable workmanship quality.Samsung’s top-of-the-line flagship, the S22 Ultra, has been in short supply since its launch.The S22 Ultra is powered by an all-new snapdragon 8Gen1 processor that delivers impressive performance.It has a 6.8-inch AMOLED hyperboloid display that supports 2K resolution and 120Hz adaptive high brush, with a maximum brightness of 1750nit, making it visually comfortable.Samsung’s top-of-the-line screens are built into its phones.The S22 Ultra has four rear cameras, a 100 million pixel main camera, and a powerful AI algorithm that makes it extremely capable.Built-in 5000mAh battery capacity, the battery life is also not broken.Plus, Spen makes this phone even more special.For light office daily writing function is also very practical.Such a versatile flagship phone can be used for three or five years without any problems.The above three are the three mobile phones I have selected for you. At present, they are the most worthy of starting with. I wonder if there is one you like?Leave your comments in the comments section below.