China’s four players have successfully finished the race breakthrough

2022-09-02 0 By

Women’s cross-country skiing double pursuit (7.5km traditional + 7.5km freestyle) was held at Zhangjiakou National Cross-country Ski Center.A total of 65 contestants competed.Johaiug has opened up a 20-second gap on karlsson of Sweden.China sent Li Xin to finish 33rd in 49.07.07, While Chi chunxue finished 34th in 49.08.03, while Dinegar Iramujiang and Bayani Garin finished 43rd and 46th respectively, with 20-year-old Dinegar Iramujiang also making her Olympic debut.These four athletes are not medal contenders yet, but they all made breakthroughs by finishing the race.Johaiug also competed in Norway’s national track and field championships, winning the gold medal in the 10,000m with a time of 32 minutes and 20 seconds.