Buddha TCM nursing published its first professional book!Picture of traumatic fracture rehabilitation nursing

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What new goals do you want to achieve this year?Outbreak is not stable can’t run might as well read more curtilage home don’t doubt, today small make up for everybody introduction is an orthopaedic nurses, medical students, fracture patients and caregivers is fit for the new book published by people’s medical publishing house of traumatic fracture position of the drawings and rehabilitation care, are our senior medical experts, including tutor yu-mei Chen, director of nursing department,He Mingfeng, president and critical care expert, and Yang Kuangyang, vice president and orthopedic expert.This is our first professional works, published by the nursing department of the people’s medical publishing house is directly under the national health committee of the central medical professional publishing, from a large number of clinical cases to experience, to the authoritative press review, embodies the orthopaedic nursing work in our high standards and high quality, further strengthened the nursing scientific research and academic work, strength and confidence.The book is divided into three chapters 14 section, using a large number of images are introduced in detail the concept of human common 14 onset of fracture, the emphases and difficulties of body position nursing care and rehabilitation care and common pitfalls, easy-to-read text explained the position changes of different stages and the principle and way of functional exercise, guidance of different fracture of auxiliary appliance wear use,And professional and meticulous guidance to patients how to implement home rehabilitation nursing.According to Chen Yumei, after fracture, placing the injured part or limb in the right position can reduce pain, prevent fracture displacement and promote fracture healing, which is very important in the rehabilitation process of patients, but is easily ignored in clinical practice.At present, there is still a lack of systematic, standardized and unified standards and methods for the placement of injured parts or limbs after fractures.To this end, our hospital set up a compilation team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation, including emergency, bone injury, rehabilitation, imaging and other specialties. It took three years to compile this book based on the accumulated experience in clinical care for fracture patients.Through more than 700 pictures, hierarchical, 43 points and steps to resolve the types of fractures in the backyard before emergency position, position of treatment, and daily life position requirements and standards, and functional exercise and household in the rehabilitation of correct method and error, for ordinary readers to fracture treatment, care and rehabilitation have a comprehensive understanding,It also provides reference and basis for professionals to carry out cluster management and standardization construction of fracture position rehabilitation nursing.”Pictures with text explanation, the professional technology into a simple, intuitive and easy to learn, easy for readers to understand and learn.Chen yumei said.Department of nursing director Chen Yumei (left), deputy director Li Shufang intuitive easy to learn, easy for medical staff to understand learning Chinese nursing association orthopaedic nursing professional Committee chairman Gao Yuan also wrote a preface to this book.She pointed out that the nursing staff of Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine summarized years of clinical experience in orthopedics to compile this book, which provides good guidance and reference for clinical nursing work and home rehabilitation of patients. The book is distinctive, comprehensive, professional, rigorous and scientific.”The pre-hospital self-treatment of fractures is also a highlight of the book.How to relieve the pain after fracture and how to handle the fracture correctly are often neglected by the medical staff and the most concerned by the public.It is my honor to be the first group of readers of this book, and I also hope that the majority of orthopaedic nursing workers can take root in clinical practice, summarize experience, and keep writing to escort people’s health!”Part of the picture source: Feng Can Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine all media team produced point share point collection