2022/1/31 Observe your child’s strengths journal

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Advantage one: listen to snow on the bed.The weather forecast said there would be snow these days, but I didn’t see it until I got up on the morning of 31st and opened the window, and I didn’t know it was snowing in the sky last night.Call the baby get up, she also can’t stay in bed, said it snowed outside, eat breakfast after dinner can go out to play snow, immediately a turn over on the bed ran to the balcony to see “wow, it really snowed!I’m so happy!Today can go out to play snow, mother accompany.Yeah!”Advantage two: Spring Festival paste couplets.A happy New Year is very happy, to arrange an important task for the baby paste Spring Festival couplets, the baby is very happy, feel her contribution to the home, very energetic.She tore the old Spring Festival couplets off the door, with the help of her mother, wiped the door clean, and then affixed new Spring Festival couplets.Advantage three: stay up late together.On New Year’s Eve, the family gathered around the square table, watching TV while eating snacks, a cup of water a bowl of strawberries, a few snacks, dumplings, watching the CCTV Spring Festival gala.In order to watch the program shousui tonight, the whole family had a special sleep in the afternoon, usually she did not sleep in the afternoon, went to sleep at 9:30 p.m.Today in order to stay up, has been up to midnight twenty, yawn again and again, the baby said: “the original stay up is such a feeling!”Then he went to bed after washing.